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oh dear

Hi Cat

I have forgotten how to reply to your last message I think this is a different way because your messgage has gone. (might be this computer).

I love the way you did the marker for the bow - do you have your own work room where you use your jigsaw ? Ren has a jigsaw and i watch him with amazement, they are wonderful things.

My mum bought me a socket set for my 16th birthday (for my motorbikes). I was really touched.



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Don't worry Jules. But from now on you know that all you need to do is click on the green 'submit reply' link underneath the post.

I work out in the back garden when I can. It's so much pleasanter when you're doing dusty jobs (sawing & drilling) to be outside. It would have been impossible for me to carry the gate up from the cellar anyway ; much too heavy, and I don't have a garage.

But the cellar is a great workroom and brilliant for storage. I store loads of timber in one room and use the other for my workbench, tools, tins of paint etc.

Anyone with a vehicle needs a socket set don't they. What sort of bike did you have ? x

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