Oh Balls

Oh Balls

This is how I feel at the moment

I have been invited to present some images for Selection to "The Art in the Park Sheffield" Art Show

I have exhibited and sold before at other exhibitions and have had images published in the press so I know my work is good enough

Its just the thought of trawling through 21,000 images preparing and framing 3 images seems overwhelming


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  • Good opportunity, too good to miss. Almost envy you but with 21,000 images one heck of task - rather you than me.

    Could always put up some samples on here

  • Hi Sospan

    Photography is my release, it is the best medication i have

  • Did they narrow it down as to what they are looking for?

  • No

    All I have to do is bring 3 images and hope they will be suitable for selection

  • Just an update I had 3 out of 3 images selected for the Art exhibition

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