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7months of headaches have landed me in hospital after having two seizures

Awaiting assessment from Walton Neurological centre today 12th July. Been in hospital a week on anti epilepsy drugs and steroids to reduce the 55mm size area of suspsicicion on the right frontal part of my brain.

Memory loss is apparent but not consistent, can't find words to explain myself or sometimes make the words go to paper.

Lumbar puncture to be carried out early today ready for MDT meeting later today.

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Noonoo welcome and good luck .

love n hugs



Hope things I prove the procedure goes straight forward. Sorry to hear this.

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Hopefully you find a diagnosis today, and find a way forward.

Does sound similar to my condition which is quite...but then again you have to trust the experts to look at all of the evidence together.

Fingers crossed for you :-)


I have a diagnosis of Glioma but now awaiting to see when repeat MRI will be and what oncologist thinks of outcome. Weekend hold everything up so have to be patient meanwhile have accepted the tramadol and it's helping me get some much needed rest on the ward. Day 12 and counting


Wishing you all the best with this....get as much information as you can...assume you have some friends and family to help ask all the right questions. Maybe headway can be back up support.

I used tramadol in hospital and a few weeks after.....but ask about the addictive nature of it. You may need it now but remember to ask about unwanted side effects after a few weeks and what alternatives there may be longer term.

Hope you get some rest.....or play some gentle music via headphones? Rain sounds helped me drift off....or relaxation meditation?? :-)

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