Second seizure

Early yesterday morning I was getting ready for work when I started to feel strange (nothing new there...). This was like I was going to faint or collapse. I started to panic and shouted out of the window at people walking by to grab attention. I live in a top floor flat alone.. I walked down the stairs then woke laying on floor beside them 40 minutes after. Can't remember much after but somehow my mum found out as I must have messaged her. I went to hospital and they had wanted to keep me in, after they heard I'd had a BI. I had another CT scan which showed same as last. Blood test showed calcium low so on tabs for that. My last seizure was 20th July 15 when I had my injury and bleed. Hospital want me to see epilepsy clinic next and I need to tell DVLA again so another 6 months no driving. Have no idea why this has happened so close to my one year. It's made my family and friends be super cautious of how I am. So I am staying at my siater's.

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  • HUGS for you! hope you feel better soon and have a nice weekend at youre sisters

  • That's realy tough - not having one for all that time and then when you think you're doing ok a nasty shock. Good luck with the clinic. Hope you get sorted out xxx

  • Thinking of you and enjoy spending time with your sister x

  • Thanks very much. It's only today I realise what happened. The muscles in my right leg and arm hurt plus I've noticed pain at the top back of head. So I must have banged my head on floor or something during the seizure. They did have concerns it may be caused by a small bleed but the CT they did was not strong to pick it up. I think if it was I'd have had more problems by now. I spoke to a friend who has epilepsy with the grand mal seizure I had. She said all the symptoms I described are exactly what she gets. So now I know what to look out for... She thinks mine was due to stress about the huge tunderstorms we had here. I get very anxious about them and standing outside waiting for buses in the lightning. Anyway I am still here and now relaxing not at work.

  • Oh I'm sorry Ro. I count myself very fortunate that I don't have seizures when I read on here how disturbing and disruptive they can be.

    I understand the need to be independent but I wonder whether you might consider trying for a ground floor flat sometime in the near future ?

    In the meantime, I really hope the epilepsy clinic can come up with effective meds which will eventually bring you some peace of mind & confidence. Shame about your licence too ; rotten luck all round isn't it.

    Hope you're managing to relax at your sister's home, and I'm sure there will be brighter days to come !

    Best wishes for your clinic visit ; please let us know how you get on. Regards, Cat xx

  • Thanks Cat. I haven't been home yet as my family were told not to leave me on my own just yet. At least until I've had advice from the clinic when I get my appointment through. Hopefully they can give me help on what to do and be familiar with should it happen again. I think it's been such a shock that I didn't see it coming. I am still struggling two data on, feel very tired and am finding bruises and feeling pains from whatever may have happened. I'll be happy to see my neuro psychologist next and talk to her about it.

    Hope you are all having a nice weekend.


  • More HUGS. What a night mare for you. Nick XX

  • Looks like a week off work sick again... Can't be helped though. I have to wait for my hospital visit to come through so i can discuss this seizure issue. I want to know what I need to do in the future, should it happen again. Today I'm noticing more bruises on the back of my arm where I must have collapsed. If this happens again I want to be a bit prepared and have a safe place to lay. Staying at my dad's this week so I am not alone. Hope all had a good weekend. Take care xxxx

  • ro76 just been diagnosed with partial seizures have you applied for pip

  • Hi Steve, sorry I do not understand what is pip? Do you get seizures too? This is only my second and I am still waiting to hear back from the hospital about the epilepsy clinic. I am so unsure what is happening, as it seems to be a long waiting game so far.

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