Coming home

Coming home

Just letting you guys know that I'm returning to the uk in a couple of days time. The scenery on the river cruise was stunning!

On a rest day today in Shanghai....seems a waste of time and money but my room is really comfy and I know that I need to rest before whole day of sightseeing tomorrow and the big flight home.

Will report back next week perhaps with some highs/lows/suggestions for others


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  • Wow it certainly looks stunning! So glad you have managed the trip, it takes a lot of courage to set off but you have done it, so be proud! Good to hear you are being sensible and having a rest day before you set off again....not a waste as it's a must in order for us to keep doing what we should be able to do! Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing your stories once you are back!

    Have a nice relaxing day and enjoy your sightseeing.

    Safe travels. Take care.



  • Wow that's amazing Moo. Looks like it seen fantastic trip. We have finally got a week in Turkey booked in July, I missed not getting a holiday last year and I'm promised a cruise in ether October or November so something to look forward to, if it happens. Can't wait to hear of all your adventures.

    Take care Janet x

  • Lovely pic - want to reach in and touch that cool water : )

    That seems to have gone really fast, Moo - have you found that too ?

    Enjoy your recharge day, ready for your grand finale tomorrow : ) x

  • Hope there'll be more pictures to follow. Well done Moo ; brave lady. Have a pleasant journey home. xx

  • Thank you for sharing - what a fantastic photo :) Safe trip home x

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