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Louis Theroux On Brain Injury


Very much looking forward to this! :)

Usually love his work, but particularly this one :- bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07c6fjk

Long time since I have been on here, perhaps I should update folk about my self! :- Used to write quite a lot :- healthunlocked.com/headway/...


If you haven't got time to read that, (And I wouldn't blame you, its an ordeal!) I had a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2008, was 45, a fire fighter & was in hospital for 6 months. Fantastic support from family, friends, colleagues, the NHS & Headway. Changed jobs in 2012, never got back to operational smoke eating, (fire fighting!) despite trying! Now new staff at work are surprised when I tell them my story. (And don't he just LOVE telling his story! Various media outlets! He's a media Tart! Ed )

Positives:- Am still married, working, driving, running, socialising!

8 years on (nearly!) Life is Good! It has changed, I have changed, I am still getting better, (Whatever that means! :(  )

Back to the subject of this thread, looking forward to the programme, will report back after I have watched it! bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07c6fjk  Enjoy everyone! :) 

Apologies if this has been referenced on another thread!

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looks very good have to wait and see. his stuff is normally very good.

I watched the last one on Alcoholism which was dreadfully sad & depressing. Louis Theroux has the perfect demeanour for interviewing difficult subjects as he's an unusual mixture of straight-talking without appearing confrontational.

I'll be watching this one on Sunday for sure Neal & thanks for the alert !   x

Great to hear from you.

Thanks for the info.

Will watch it.

Love n hugs


You really are a miracleman! Reading your story has been fascinating; brilliant to see your determination. Cheers! Also great to know I am not the only  Louis fan! Here is my attempt to illustrate how strange life is!


Fantastic photo's and music, thank you very much! :) Suitably inspired I will take the dog for a walk, not at work till 3.00 pm so should be back by then ;)  Neal

Will definitely watch it! 

When is it on tv please

Hi Neal, Thanks, I'll be watching too. Glad you are well. K

Prettythings....just found it.

Next Sunday 15 May. BBC 2 at 9pm.

10/10 aqua! ;) 

Just watched it and wow!!!!! Got a bit of a headache trying to follow it.

Seemed to me that it highlighted what I've believed that we all become infants again in some ways and especially the soft skills of interacting with others.

I hope a lot of people were watching and listening to impact on all concerned.

Thanks again for the info.

Love n hugs


Intresting though I'm some way from needing to be in a care home. Clearly have lost some of my squishy bits.

Really enjoyed watching it, and certainly related to some of it and recognised myself in bits of it! :( Certainly concur with what 'randomphantom' had to say, "Seemed to me that it highlighted what I've believed that we all become infants again in some ways and especially the soft skills of interacting with others." Was bitten by how the woman who had a fall from her horse related to her family. She also seemed to be in denial of the extent to which she had been changed, particularly her character, by her TBI; Far too close to home!

Perhaps the biggest impressions I was left with were, 1. Every tbi case is different and the extent to which individuals recover is amazingly different, 2. I have been a very, very LUCKY BARSTEWARD! ;)

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