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Severe brain injury update


Hello everyone . I posted a few months ago in regards to my partner who suffered a severe TBI he had a massive brain bleed, two blood clots and ended up having to have a decompressive craineotomy and 10% of his brain tissue had to be removed as it was very damaged Its now been 12 weeks and he is still in a coma :( . He has fought of two chest infections and pneumonia but is still here bless him. Like i said in my previous post he yawns, sighs, moves his head, opens and closes his mouth,gags, coughs and breaths on his own so all his basic reflexes are there and in the last few weeks has started moving his feet every so ofton. I havent seen him for a while now due to the lockdown but 3 days ago he got moved to a specialist nursing home they phone to introduce thereselves and they sound really lovely and caring. Today the nurse emailed me and was very excited. She said while the carers were shaving my partner that he started smiling. This is the first time he has ever done this. Im not sure if i should take this as a good sign or not because i know people transitioning into vegetative state can smile etc and i may be wrong but i thought going into a vegative state was not a good thing in regards to brain recovery. I just wanted to find out if anyone else had been through similar and to also ask if anybody has personally been through or known anyone to go through months in a coma and have a good outcome. Im finding this site a great source of help and hope as my last posts got alot of lovely answers and comments. Thank you all and stay safe.

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Hopefully, the is someone with sufficient knowledge here to answer your query, although they may, of course only be able to give their own experience of someone significant to them and outcomes may well differ.

Suffice to say, whatever else may be happening in the world, people will always be here in the virtual world to listen, share and signpost you where appropriate.

Take care


Thank you for your reply. I know that no two brain injuries are the same and every recovery is different I just like to hear different people's experiences as it gives me some hope. Take care

I don't know but I just wanted to send you very best wishes. Thinking of you and your partner. 🕊️

Aw thank you so much. I appreciate that alot

Hi Lesha

My daughter was in a coma and then. Over in to a vegetative state where she remained for 2.5 years and then s

Started to wake up. 6 years later she can talk, eat mobilise with support. I don’t know if this will happen with your partner but I do know the medical experts didn’t think it would happen with my daughter.

I wish you and your partner the very best and take good care of yourself.

Ieasha1990 in reply to 14th

Heya. Thank you for replying to me. Wow that is amazing. It just goes to show that people can and do recover after severe brain injuries. I try and tell this to the doctors who were looking after my partner . After a week because he hadn't woken up they said he likely never will because people normally wake up before then but the more im reading on here im starting to realise you can go through months and in your daughters case years and still pull through. I'm so happy your daughter did just that. Im hoping my partner can pull through this to

14th in reply to Ieasha1990

Best wishes in these horrible times x

The most painful thing about brain injury in the early days is we just don't know the outcome. Every person is different and it could take many months to get a clearer picture.

In normal days I would say talk to Headway for support but not sure if they are working at the moment.

They have a website with a lot of information.

Try not to think too far forward. Take each day as it comes and look after yourself.

Best wishes to you both x

Ieasha1990 in reply to Lynd

Heya Lynd . Thank you for replying to my message. It seems like such a long time for me & his family but one lovely consultant did say to us that 12 weeks is a tiny amount of time with regards to brain injury. I have already been in contact with headway and they are amazing . Im trying not to but its ever so hard. Thank you for the best wishes. Take care x

I wish you strength and pray you're partner improves x

Ieasha1990 in reply to Tracy331

Thank you. I really appreciate that xx

Hi leasha1990

I have no experience that you are looking for... Though my son has TBI and craniotomy I think I remember replying last time... I just think any sign of your partner responding has to be good! It must be so hard in the current circumstances however being in the right nursing home is vital to his recovery and if he is surrounded by more interaction and love than in a busy hospital he may slowly regain more.. We just don't know unfortunately... But keep hoping and praying and take good care of yourself and try to recharge whilst he is in lock down.

Very best wishes to you both :)

Ieasha1990 in reply to leila65

Hello Leila. Yes you did reply on my last post aswell about your son. I hope that he is doing okay? When they told me he had smiled i was so happy as he hasn't smiled once and i took it as a good sign but then in the back of my mind i got worried as it may just be a reflex . Im staying hopeful its him doing it as he was a very happy smiley person . My hope is staying high regardless and I'm praying for him every day. I can't wait until i get to see him again. Take care x

So glad to hear he is still here, and improving in small ways. It's so good you're staying positive and supportive. My son tells me there is a very good documentary on Netflix about the power of positivity, might be worth a look. Called Heal, I think. Wishing you bot all the very best. Xx

Hey. Thank you for your reply. Yes he is still here and fighting bless his heart. I actually brought netflix last week so I will give it a watch thank you for suggesting it to me 😊. Take care and stay safe xx

Hi Leasha, My husband had spontaneous bleeds on both left and right frontal lobes, and like you I was told it was unlikely that he would wake up and the time would come when his life support should be turned off. We talked, often utter rubbish, to him constantly as I believe the hearing is the last thing to go before death and eventually he responded. Our children say I nagged him to life. We cherished ever little movement from a flick of the finger to him eventually recognising us, being able to speak slowly and not always very clear, eat normal food and walking very slowly with help. That is all he can do but he seems happy and he is now home with us. This has taken almost 3 years so never give up hope. Just take life an hour at a time( I couldn't manage a whole day at first) and when times become normal again never stop talking to him. Hope this helps in some small way you are not alone.

Ieasha1990 in reply to Zarilda

Hey Zarilda. Thank you for replying to my post and sharing your husbands story im so glad he pulled through and is recovering. The part about you nagging him to life made me laugh. I talk to my partner loads as i also believe hearing is the last thing to and some people who have been in coma's say they could hear their loved ones talking to them. If you dont mind be asking was your husband in a coma for long? Thats the part thats worrying me so much the length of my partners coma. Your message really has helped alot. Thank you. Take care and stay safe xx

Zarilda in reply to Ieasha1990

Hi Leasha, My husband was in a coma for over 5 weeks and took 2 months to fully come out of it with another bleed, even though he had a bolt in to measure the pressure . Seizures, not breathing on his own again and not knowing how serious the brain damage was. It's really hard to stay sane and positive and lead a 'normal' life you just have to hang in there.

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