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6 years 9 months on, is it an appropriate time to share what's worked for me? Mostly balance and mobility!

6 years 9 months on, is it an appropriate time to share what's worked for me? Mostly balance and mobility!

Well am going to share anyway! :)

If you haven't got the time or energy to read 'My Story' as posted on here (& be warned it might be bit of an ordeal), I'll give a brief summary below the link.


In June 2008 I fell 15ft off my roof at home, had a double fracture of the frontal lobe & broke my lower arm; must of landed on my upper body. Was undiscovered outside my back door, for 6-7 hours. I was air-lifted to hospital, and was in critical care, and a coma for 4 days. Spent 6 months in hospital in total, before moving on to day care re-hab', for a couple of days a week, before graduating to my local Headway for 2 days a week. Had many of the challenges associated with a massive bang on the head and a bleed. Memory, frustration, tiredness, speech, sight, mood swings, depression, in-appropriate behaviour, sequencing/processsing information etc; but apart from them I was fine! ;)

What has worked for me?

- Well my accident was never reported to the DVLA, my wife was more concerned with whether I would live. After about 12 months I decided, with two teenagers and a growing 9 year old, I needed to investigate getting back behind a wheel. We had two cars, mine was still taxed and MOT'd, sitting on the drive! I wrote twice to the DVLA, no reply. Phoned them, and nearly smashed the phone in frustration, with the automated answers! I finally spoke to a REAL person, she understood the problem, said if we had a letter from a consultant, they were happy for me to get behind the wheel again. My consultant letter was sent, and I received a reply, giving me the go ahead to recommence driving. I did go out with an driving instructor friend, and he said all you need to do, is get out and drive! It was now two years post accident, and going out with an expert averted most of Wife's concerns.

- My right hand side was compromised by my accident. I was not able to move my right leg, and often fell as was not aware of this and just got out of bed and went. I am now running and preparing for my second post accident half marathon, having done one in march 2012. In 2013 I cycled 106 miles over some mountains in 11 hours. Regaining something of my former fitness has been an important part of my recovery; behind my back garden fence is a large public park, (good place to land a helicopter! ;) ) with an athletics track were I used to train and compete. A couple of weeks after I 'escaped' from hospital I jogged/stumbled/ran 100m down the home straight, and I have continued from there.

- Gotting a dog. My wife wanted to buy a dog for my lads. I said "fine, but you this means an end to holidays abroad! (Not true.), and the last thing we want is one that has long hair, 'cause I know what you're like for cleaning! and one that needs a lot of exercise" So what did we have? went to a rescue center, and our BORDER COLLIE is like hirsute Mo Farrah on acid! But she has been so good for me. People stop and chat to you when you are out with your pooch, and you have something to talk about, The dog! I was coaxed out from my self imposed isolation! and the dog goes out running with me., could be described as my coach! staffordshirenewsletter.co....

- I have given considerable time, effort and energy into improving my balance and mobility, and searching for solutions. I will say at the outset, I am not medically qualified, but an enthusiast who has had extensive physio' as an athlete, rugby and football player. I have also had physio post accident, and as a former firefighter had access to the National fire service charity, re-hab' center. I don't want to denigrate the great benefits I received from the NHS, but two fortnights at the charity center plus another separate two weeks, certainly had tremendous benefit for my balance and mobility. I did a variety of exercises, was introduced to the agility ladder,

and although it was challenging, and still is! I have bought one; I was re-introduced to aerobics, and the sight of 20, mostly, fella's shaking their booty, when they are more used to climbing ladders, wielding axes and squirting hose, was probably not one for sore eyes! I also used a Bosu to work on my balance, I have not bought one, but use one when ever I can.

During my running I experience muscle/tendon pains and have visited a physio. They have given me some links to fee balance excercises on line and I will pass on the ones I rate. They are mostly American, and often are OTT and have adverts.

THIS ONE is in my opinion excellent, complete with safety advise about safely carrying out he relatively simple exercises.

This one has the worst of trans atlantic stuff! However at the end of a decent video he gives an exercise that I now do all the time. I stand on one foot, put on my shoe's & tie the laces. I also stand on one leg and put on my underpants and trousers. (bit of a religion!)

Another decent video that takes you in stages.

If you can it please get advice from a professional before attempting any of the excercise. From previous experience and with professinal guidance post accident, I now am happy to work with links, but always don suitable clothing, make sure I am fit to work, and carry out exercises in a suitable environment, with sufficient suitable protection should I fall.

I realise as an experienced sports person, with a determined personality, who has fantastic support from family, fiends, colleagues and work, my experience is not easy to copy or transferable. But if you are determined to do improve your mobility, the help is out there! If troubled by poor balance, just a controlled standing one leg should reap benefits! GOOD LUCK! :)

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Congratulations on your hard work and recovery. I really miss my Border Collie since she died last year and as I live alone with a full time job it just wouldn't be fair to replace my wee pal.


She's fantastic Michael, has been a real bonus for me post accident, amazing as not my idea! and of course big thanks for the positive comments!

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Lovely to read your story, positive and useful :)


Thank you jriddell, am worried that my positivety may not be everyone's cup of tea, and that people may switch off, or not believe my account. I know I am a very lucky person, and am lucky to have a positive outlook on things, including my injury. I want to share my experiences with people, in the hope that they find it useful. I am not naive enough to think that in every case, challenges are surmountable, but wish to share my experiences to show that in some cases positive outcomes are possible, and to inspire people if they need it. I just pray it doesn't is have the opposite effect in some cases! Thanks again. Neal. :)


Your story is inspiring and your positivity and determination shines through...

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My job is done ;) .


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