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7 yrs today. My anniversary?

TBI occurred today 7 years ago. Today I have chilled out, walked the dog a couple of times, watched the football and the athletics, prepared a salad for tea for the family. A satisfying day!

Every TBI case/story is different and so is an individuals recovery. I have been fortunate in received excellent support from just about everyone I have come into contact with post accident; professionals, work, colleagues, friends, family, EVERYONE ;) I have been lucky! I am not 'cured', 'back to where I was', what ever they mean! But I have slowly reached somewhere I am at peace. I am still married, (how I have tested her!), I am driving, have a new job, am fit and mobile, I have so much to be grateful for! I will be moving on, so will be a less frequent poster on here, but will keep visiting to snoop from time to time! ;).

I hope people can gain something from my experiences. If you have not read them before, (I am told they are not easy to wade through,) the links are below. I am sorry they are egotistic and self obsessive! :-

Some of the exercises that have helped me physically:- healthunlocked.com/headway/...

Full Story! (Perhaps should contain a public health warning! Its L - O - N - G ) healthunlocked.com/headway/...

Cheers Neal, x

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as part of what i said on reply to a slimar post,go enjoy a walk in the sun,sipping slowly at a drink,and smile at pepole who donot understand,because they never will!

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Hey Neal

I've just had my first year anniversary, still dealing with it and what I'm left with

Love the exercise link and I'm practisicing the balancing one :-)

Thank you


Hi RachyBoo, congrats on your 1 year anniversary, so glad you are 'dealing' with it! It's a marathon not a sprint, my 7 years have been a battle, and I have progressed so much recently. Having a determined temperament certainly pays dividends when it comes to physical recovery in my opinion. Get some good advice from respected, knowledgeable, sources; then give that determination free rain. It has certainly born some good fruit in my case! I still do the 'Balance Exercises', and find the one where you stand on one foot, and then put on your footwear and lace them up, particularly effective. I attempt to put on as much clothing as possible, standing; underwear, trousers, etc. You need to do it in a very safe environment, I always do it a narrow hall way, so that I have two walls close by if I lose balance. It wasn't always easy, but over time Its become easier, my balance has improved tremendously, and it amuses my wife! ;) .

All the best, on your balance voyage! :) Neal


Hey Neal

I need to keep that determindness in place as it does waiver, quite a bit really.

Would love to do the ladder exercise too but don't have a 'flat' ladder! Any other suggestions

A guy told me to stand on my bed, on one leg too, now that is tough! Try it, hopefully your bed is next to a wall to hold on too!

My right leg hasn't been the same, I can walk very well, but it feels like it slaps down sometimes, well quite a bit of the time, no one can tell, but I can :-(

I shall certainly try that! Just balancing whilst brushing my teeth at the mo, but that sounds like a great suggestion. Thank you!



Basically the 'ladder'drills are just a way of ensuring you step representatively side ways,cross overs ect, you could make marks on the on a flat surface, eg, chalk. Even make your own ladder out of cord and canes. I have done drills on marks on car parks, pitches or tracks. It needs some expansion imagination, & you run the danger of looking a bit of a prat, but that has never worried me! Good luck. Best of luck, Neal


For myself the physo got me standing on one leg touching out a star with another, eyes closed.

Hard work!

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I aim to please! ;)


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