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intra cerebral haematomer almost 1 year


Hi I am new to Headway ste. just wanted to check with others that have had the same as me to compare notes. Seems others are the same, hospital cuts you lose with no where to go for advice or help to tell if what you are experiancing is normal or not?

Having a bad day, I have lost my keys and have no idea what I done qith them, trying hard to not feel stupid and this can happen to anyone, not just because I have had a bleed? Angry with myself for being so stupid.

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welcome in 2 time bitten phrases dont panic and cxalm down being imptient panicking and forgetful is not uncoomon after a brain injury what you have to constantly remind yourself is the average person hasnt a clue how hard our daily struggles are pain temper worry and of course the ultimate fear a second and fatal hemmoraghe i constantly remind myself whilst rememberinf the icons and heros in the paralympics who is a few short weeks transformed the publics perception of disability if these ignorant people were faced with even a tenth of what we have to thyeyu are so weak stupid and ignorant they would take the weak and cowerdly wa out and commit suicide more fool them once in a while if one refuses to moan and give it the woe is my and poor me story which i am pleased to say is not my approach to my injury from day 1 of waking 6 years ago i took the attitude that i had an injury was foirtunate to surbvive now neil get on with life to morrow in london to wich i will drive at a restaurant owned by a michaelin starred chef who is opoening a month early to welcome me and 12 friends and family for a lunch to celebrate my 52 birthday a lunch i postponed in respect to a friend who died at xmas near my actual birthday in january why because i never moan try despite a massive life change from fit first class rugby player and director of a major international usineess to a bankrupt disabled man who refuses to syurrender his didnity and pride to an injjury money cant buy that only grit guts and determination oh and a fairlly decent portion of good luck

i managed to lose my £300 i pod last week in a restaurant but they phonecd to say they knew i needed it and had it for me the manager knowing my condition offering to deliver it to my home pride gignity manners and acceptance and NEVER EVER MOAN

Hi, Thanks very much for your comments. I am a very practical and logical person, just had a blip yesterday. The keys I lost are to my business so had impact on other people too. Which is why I got myself into a panic. It's good to know I am not the pnly one. Thanks again.

Don't be angry 'ladycassy' - try to take a step back (metaphorically), as you said yourself 'it could happen to anybody'. Even though my brain injury was quite different, over time any damage to the 'head' makes one look at life from a different perspective - as if from an impartial, 'third person' stand point!

It is frustrating and annoying - but (hopefully) no one has been harmed (except maybe your pride); there are so many who've suffered far worse (injured or related/friends) - every day I'm so glad I survived, or was 'resussed' - it made me re-evaluate life and when I was able......

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hi, thank you for your reply. I totally agree with you about re-evaluating life now. I have never been sick a day in my life, then to have a no reason bleed that has changed everything. As the last comment said. We have to get on with it and make the best of what is available. Most of the time that's do-able yesterday was just a strech to far. I am over it now, thanks again.

Welcome. ladycassy. I had a SAH fourteen months ago. I can assure you you're in excellent company if you're forgetful and/or's more or less compulsory here unless you're a carer.

Just wanted to day hello. Feel free to join in on any discussion which takes your fancy. I'm sure you'll find plenty of support and reassurance on Headway.

Best wishes x

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Hi, thanks for a nice incouraging reply. I have only just been in touch with Headway and I am impressed and pleased so far. It's nice to be able to talk when needed. I am not a moany person and don't intend to sit in a corner and cry. I have a life to live so what if it's differant to what I planned. Hope to talk again. Thank you.

Hi Ladycassy

We are also one year down the line(my husband)-It is totally life changing in every way -but you are still here-one of the survivers-you are alllowed to winge and moan when ever you want to!there are good days and bad days!

We have also seen how you get left to get on with it yourself with the health cuts but from experience you have to make yourself a nuisance and fight for what you want (speech therapy in my husbands case) - Remember you are still here after all the odds-so there is something special about you -enjoy your life !

Best of Luck

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Thank you so much. What a lovely reply. I can see joining the headway community is going to be good for me. i hope I can encourage people in the same way. your husband is lucky to have someone as possitive as you. i wish you the best of luck too.



Don't ever feel stupid about loosing your keys, because Im sure (like me) you would have felt stupid before your bleed.

Also, sometimes you have to sit in 'a corner' and cry and yes! you will feel better.

Crying isn't negative and often turns in to a positive by helping us to relieve tension, which in turn helps us to think better. I've learnt to 'privately cry' this helps me, my hubby and others and gives me a bit of me back. I appear stronger and more in control, which was the person I was pre bleed. I'm not trying to be me pre bleed, because post bleed that will never happen, I'm just happy through crying (now and again) to gain strength and control back in my life.

Like others have said there's lots of help on this site and also talking to Headway will help, and if they can't help they will point you in the right direction. Take care :)

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Thanks again for the reply, I am amazed by how kind people are. You are right, it's no good longing to be the person we were before a bleed, when life has changed now so we have to adapt. It does help to find out that we are not alone in coping with the changes. One size doesn't fit all so it's hard to get sense from doctor's when they can't really understand how we feel.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and support. i don't feel so stupid today and am back in control. Thanks again.

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