5th year anniversary

Hi all, what a way to spend it, sitting in hospital waiting for an MRI.

I was admitted yesterday with a suspected relapse of the condition that gave rise to my ABI. Now I have to be patient and wait for the NHS machine to turn.

It's to a problem really, just so boring and it gives the rest of the family so much stress. But, I'd rather be safe than sorry, but facing a weekend of inactivity is not good.

Take care everyone.

Janet xx

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  • Hi Janet,

    Sorry to hear that, not good at all. All my best wishes are winging their way over to you, obviously. I hope very much that you are able to relax very, very soon. Keep smiling

    Andy x

  • Thanks Andy, I'm relaxed all the time, it's my middle name!

    And I do my best with the smiling x


  • Oh Janet, what a dreadful shame. Do hope the MRI shows that there is nothing wrong and you can go home and get on with your life.

    All good wishes coming over to you.

    Jan x

  • Thank you Jan, just had two nasty colds in quick succession and my symptoms mirrored those from when I was first ill with the encephalitis so I'm facing a barrage of tests but cos it's the end of the week everything shuts down in hospital to leave room for emergencies, and rightly so of course.

    Janet x

  • I don't know if you have the same bugs where you live, but here people caught colds in December and January and every time they think it has gone, it comes back again. I have lots of friends who have been ill now for over two months. The doctors are inundated with people suffering, especially those with chest or immune system weaknesses. One of our local surgeries, had one doctor solely for this awful bug. Cross fingers here as so many people we know have it but so far we have stayed cleared, lucky because hubbies immune system is very low at the moment due to his cancer.

    Hope you manage to get home before too much longer

    Jan x

  • Yes my husband has been ill since 17 Dec and is still coughing - does anyone know what this virus is??

  • Hi Janet

    I sincerely hope you haven't got another bout of encephalitis or if you do that it is quickly nipped in the bud and you're back home very soon.

    Thinking of you

    Caroline x

  • Thanks Caroline, I hope so too. I'm very hopeful it's only a virus, but I was feeling so bad and the hospital aren't taking any chances so, a few days inconvenience for peace of mind is a small price to pay.


  • Best to be safe than sorry ..... as they say! I do sincerely hope you are not heading for a serious bout of anything. It is good to hear that the NHS hasn't just dismissed you but have admitted you to check things out thoroughly.

    I am currently being checked out by my GP because I have swellings in my neck, infected toe and cellulitis of my foot and been covered from head to foot in an extremely itchy rash. Waiting for results of multi blood tests and a chest X-ray!

    Likewise I now seem to do the illheath things to extremes!

    Caroline xxx

  • Not you too Strawbs ! I'm feeling very lucky to be stable at the mo now ! Hope they can help with your problems. Angela x

  • Thanks Angela. I have had a week of intense itching and burning that I wanted to tear my skin off! Night time was impossible and I kept getting up to cool my skin in cold water. However, last couple of days have been better with the high dose antihistamines and antibiotics. I go back to the Drs tomorrow to find out test results. Have to say I am worried as to what is going on in my body as even GP was concerned it all suggestive of something concerning!

    Good to hear that you are stable at the mo xx

  • I'm sorry to read your post Janet. I hope the MRI proves clear m'love and it's all part of the horrid bug which has plagued so many people. My daughter never takes time off from work but, ever since Christmas, she's been ill, on & off, with respiratory issues, aching limbs and now tonsillitis. My son-in-law and grandson have been badly affected too.

    I've been at Altrincham hospital today (rheumatology) and half the staff are absent with this mystery virus and there've been loads of appointments cancelled apparently. (I'm due an MRI too soon, but to look at my bones this time).

    I'll be thinking of you chomping at the bit ; I know that having your freedom curtailed will probably be the worst part for you ! (presume you're not allowed to attend your therapies ?)

    REALLY hope the results are benign Janet ; look after yourself ! Eileen xxx

  • Thanks Eileen, I don't mind skipping the Tai Chi on monday and I should be home or I'll rearrange my last vision training for another time. I feel it's just a viral infection but this was how it all started and then my own immune system couldn't cope.

    I had forgotten just what it's like watching the day tick by on a ward.

    Love Janet

  • Will they keep you in 'til the results come through ? xx

  • Not sure, probably the MRI because according to Dr Google, they can only confirm PRES with an MRI. So we'll see won't we.

  • Well I'm glad they're treating your symptoms with the seriousness they deserve, but hope you'll be back home before much longer.

    Hope you've got a supply of crosswords/puzzles etc............

    Keep us updated Janet ; hope the time flies! :o xxx

  • Lots of 'Hope' in above reply ! xx

  • It seems to be the kind of winter that bugs flourish in, not had that really cold snap to kill them off.

    Hope everyone is recovering xx


  • Thanks Janet. All on antibiotics right now ; just glad it's weekend so there's no concern about work for a couple of days. xx

  • Hi Janet. Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care. Kx

  • MRIs are pretty indistinguishable from magic. Mind when in the muckle machine how it's magnetising your mater molecules and be in awe of the magic.

  • Sadly MRI is of limited use! It only shows major physical damage like bleeds and most of them simply rule these out but do not otherwise advance the process of diagnosis...

  • They said they were going to check for any changes since my last MRI. That one showed the lesions where my brain damage is, so we'll see xx


  • Hi Janet,

    Hope you are feeling ok and you have had a decent nights sleep in hospital??

    I have fingers and all crossed its just precautionary

    Take Care 😃

  • Hi Janet,

    I hope that you are ok and there is nothing serious going on. It's the waiting that can be quite a challenge at times like this. Thinking of you. Claire xx

  • Hi there Janet

    Sending you all good wishes, and a big hug if that's ok.


    TN xx

  • Thanks TiredNan, all good wishes gratefully received.

    Janet x

  • I saw this virus mentioned in the newspaper and referred to as the '100 day cold'!!! Sounds about right.

  • Oh no Janet, hope you remain okay. It's no fun having a 'pants' immune system !

    The virus I got before Christmas triggered a relapse for me. I have just had a sore throat which is turning into a cough now but no sign of any funny business this time, thank goodness ! ( It's about time I won one lol ! )

    Hoping you can kick the virus ( are you on precautionary antibiotics ? )

    Angela x

  • Hi Angela, no , no antibiotics just wait and see with regular obs. So far, all is fine just waiting for a liver scan and an MRI but because it's not critical, I have to wait for a slot in their schedules. The scan is Monday but no date for the MRI, I did hear them muttering something about Tuesday so let's hope I get out then, these places drive you stir crazy.

    Thanks Janet x

  • Thoughts and prayers with you Janet for a quick diagnosis and a scan that shows no further damage. X

  • Still have you in my thoughts Janet. I hope the MRI is no later then Tuesday and that you'll be set free !!

    Just started with (what feels like) the start of a viral 'thing' ; much coughing & aching ..................so move over m'dear !

    Send us an update when you can. Lots of love Eileen xx

  • Hi Eileen, I hope that viral"thing" doesn't develop into something nasty.

    I was lucky and had the MRI yesterday, they had a no show so squished me in, liver scan today and depending on when the drs get tge results could even be home later today, or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

    Janet x

  • OK Janet, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, and for best possible results.

    My 'thing', I've decided, could be all part of a bad reaction to the steroid shot on Friday. I woke on Saturday with a red, swollen face, dizziness & nausea. I'm still red faced today :x but with a hacking cough and aching muscles so, either way, it's a case of 'wait & see'.

    My mum would have threatened to put us both in a big bag & shake us up ! (not what the doctor would've ordered I'm sure).

    Thinking of you missus.................. lots of love, Eileen xxx

  • You take care, we're a right lot at the moment.

    I think my mum would have agreed with yours😷


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