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Hi all, just seen the post about Headway Lincolnshire. Wish I lived nearer would definitely go along. I've just started Tai Chi, taken me a hike to find one convenient enough for me to attend, and can thoroughly recommend it. I wobble all over the place whilst in the class but I feel it's already helping my balance.

Please give it a try if you can 

Janet xx

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  • Yep, would definitely recommend it...well done for making the effort and glad it's helping :-)

  • Thanks moo.xxx Janet

  • I'm seeing a GP on Mon (after 3 week wait) about intense dizziness which turned my bed into a 'stormy sea' all last night, so not for me right now Janet.  But I'm really glad it's working for you...............my mum always used to say 'God loves a trier' so keep it up girl, & I hope you'll continue to feel the benefit.

  • Thanks Eileen I think you know me well enough now to know I'll not give up that easy. Sorry you've still been suffering, I'm battling a horrendous head cold at the mo, so my sinuses could be better. I do sympathise and hope the GP can help xx

    Take care Janet x

  • Thanks m'love.  (Love to Jenny as always)  xx

  • You might like to try the anti seasick wristbands for dizziness?? And the brandt daroff exercises helped me no end (sorry if I've already mentioned them elsewhere) .


  • Hi again, not tried the anti seasick wristbands yet, but the Brandt daring don't help any more. They did at the beginning but sadly not now.

    I'll look into those wristbands on Monday when I go to acupuncture/ tai chi.


  • Thanks Moo ; I'll try the wristbands when I can get someone to fetch them.  Do most chemists sell them ?

    I've had the Epley manoeuvre but not the Brandt Daroff ; I'll Google it.

    Many thanks. xx

  • I had the same thing when i got into bed. I had the "epley"  manoeuvre and i was completly cured.

    It is painless and quick and can be done by a physio or ear specialist.

    All it does is realigns the small crystals in the innrr ear so no dtugs or wfistbands

  • I've had the Epley manoeuvre for benign positional vertigo. It was never fully cured but after having some extensive dental work where I had to lay at 180 degrees I was referred to my local audiology dept at Worthing hospital. I returned a further times but now I'm pretty much free of symptoms.

    If you've been diagnosed with BPV then is worth getting referred to audiology?

  • Hi Mads, it's good to hear of how others have been treated. I've had the Eply done twice now but then told that it couldn't be done repeatedly.so I've been left with the wobbles ever since. I don't get dizzy turns though just awful balance. X

  • No problem. 

    Have to wear the wristbands constantly for a few days (and nights!) To see. 

    And I know if I start doing the b/d exercises at first sign of dizziness I can usually stave off a fully blown labyrinthitis attack. Have to do them for 20 mins five times a day mind you, but better than feeling so seasick and dizzy. 

    Epeley manoeuvre was only done at docs or Osteopath once or twice....they sent me home with pictures of b.d exercises.......now pinned up behind my bedroom door in case I need reminding. 

    Good luck :-)

  • Ps yes you can get the wristbands at chemists or, strangely enough, at travel/outdoor shops .....last lot much cheaper there £2.99

  • I've looked at the whole process on line and it's much less aggressive than Epley so I'm giving it a go.  It's the sort of thing you can do whilst listening to the radio !

    And the bands are much cheaper than I imagined.

    Thanks for your help Moo.  xx

  • kirk5w7 ju jitsu was my way of relaxing......but since my bi cant stand noise hate strangers

  • Hi Stevw, I can't do noise or too much bobbing of head around, I'm lucky I found this class at the place I go for acupuncture, the Chinese doctor takes it and there's about 5 in the class so no big gathering. The slow steady movements suit me .


  • Inteexting how do you get on remembering the forms or moves?

  • Still in early stages of learning and the dr is very understanding and takes things very slowly. I've got a dvd and intend to use that to reinforce the classes too

  • Our brain injury survivors are loving their Tai Chi sessions at Headway Lincolnshire 😊 We are running a 6 week course.

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