Neuropsychological Assessment. How do I go about getting one?

When I was 20 and at university studying engineering, I suffers a serious head injury as a result of a road traffic accident fourteen years ago, I had the usual scans and after an accident of this magnitude I also had a bit of recovery to do. I had my time in hospital as an inpatient and as I got better I was even allowed home at the weekends. Discharged out of hospital and into rehab ( where I had a neuropsychological assessment ). Thirteen years has passed and I have had full time jobs in healthcare, corporate banking and retail, most recently I tried to return to university to be a Radiographer, didn't succeed and want to have another assessment to gauge my abilities.

My GP cannot help and my local mental health unit is clueless too. I am at a loose end now as to how I can get assessed again. Can anyone help?

Oh by the way. Well done for reaching the end of my post coz I know reading it is arduous.

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Hi TC1979, my story bears many similarities to yours. I had a brain tumour removed following the completion of my engineering degree. Unfortunately, I had to have a further 2 additional tumours removed and spent a few weeks in rehab following my last removal. I had a neuropsychological test session in rehab but have been fortunate enough to be able to have worked in finance. However, I am looking for another job challenge at the minute and have also been looking to have another neuropsychological test. I would advise you to get in touch with the secretary of your neurologist and get them to refer you for an np. I must admit that I have researched to have it done privately but not only is It dear it is also very rare. I do hope that this helps a wee bit and wish you all the best with it too.



Thanks. I saw your post from three months ago and if you are still looking to have the test then it must be a long drawn out process. I sent an email to the professor in charge of the rehab unit, which is now shut down, who was not really much help in my search but recommended that I spoke to my GP again who should refer to my local regional rehabilitation service.


Hi I wrote to my daughters original neurologist explaining what I was seeing in my daughters behaviour.

The Neurologist sorted out her assessment.


Hey TC1979

my neurosurgeon sorted out the referral following my conversation with his secretary. My GP had told me to contact the hospital direct. Good luck.


Hi TC1979,

If your GP's issue is that they're unsure of how to find a neuropsychologist, you could point them in the direction of the British Psychological Society's online directory: bps.org.uk/bpslegacy/dcp

This list of chartered psychologists will help them to find someone to refer to.

A quick pointer: on the directory in the 'What are the issues?' section, try 'Neurological rehabilitation/treatment' in the '--Mental Health--' section, or 'Neuropsychological assessment' in the '--Assessments--' section.

You could also let them know about the GP information we produced at headway.org.uk/management-o...

We developed this to help GPs refer and treat patients with a brain injury, as they are not always aware of the options that are available.

I hope this helps get things moving forward, and please contact our helpline on 0808 800 2244 or helpline@headway.org.uk if you would like to talk things through.

Best wishes,



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