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hi im peter i suffered a brain attack injanuary 2014 9an american term) but it describes the symptoms better than stroke stroke is something you do to a cat or dog..

up until recently i thought iwas recovering quite well till the pain kicked in again left hand cold and numb all the time my doctor is rluctant or unwilling to refer me to the pain clinic i dont know why he has upped my dodese of gabapentin but still no relief, the pain is really getting me down physically im recovering quite wel speech walking etc but my brain is scrambled i have lost my short term memory capabilities which makes everyday life rather eventful and frustrating

sorry for rambling on but i feel better after just putting my thoughts down on screen




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So sorry to hear what you are going through. I had a SAH in March 2015 and one of things that has helped me with nerve pain is acupuncture. It has taken away the pain completely now after 6 sessions. It is amazing, please do try this but it has to be from a recommended experienced person. Itstgebest thing I have done....

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Not nice at all. Bt you will find all the advice you could possibly want here, we're a pleasant bunch!



Welcome Peter,

This is a good place, I often tell people my BI is similar to a stroke because we all share a lot of the consequences and it's easier for people to understand.

Like Kavib I, too, am having acupuncture. It is helping . My GP pointed me towards Acunpuncture. I think that's funds in the NHS dictate what can be done sometimesLike Kavib I, too am ha


Sorry about that last reply my iPad was playing up so I just sent it before I lost it. Hope it made sense.

Come back, Peter whenever you need to, as the Baron says, we are a friendly bunch xx

Take care Janet x


Hi Peter Great place to share your thoughts and have a rant. Welcome and keep coming back.  Nick


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