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Weight gain

I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage 23 years ago now. I was very lucky because I was in a sports centre where lots of people knew me. I was circuit training when it happened and I was told at the time 85% of people don't survive it and being female and in my age group only 1% survive. I have had many problems since but luckily my personality changed for the best. I have a very positive attitude, my glass is always half full!

I flew to the Isle of Man 3 years ago to attend my fathers funeral and then had a stroke the following morning. Luckily I was staying with my stepsister who had been at the hospital so much with my dad she just put me in her car and drove me there straight away. Once again I have side affects and have now had it confirmed that I have new aneurisms where my last one was clipped but they go behind the original clip so they are now monitoring me every year.

My main reason for writing is that I have put on a lot of weight now that I don't do excercise. I am constantly hungry and even when I have just eaten I still feel hungry. I cannot bring myself to go exercising other than walking. I know I need to loose this weight but am wondering if there is anything I can do to stop the hunger.

This seems silly in respect of my medical history but I know I need help.

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You could try brain retraining through either hynotherapy or CBT to reduce the urge to eat. It is possible you are in a sort of vicious cycle with your brain fixing in upon food and then having that demand met. Getting that under control is probably the first thing to tackle.

As for the exercise, I can't really help as I never feel like exercising much either. I might sometimes do some of the things I can just about tolerate, like swimming or yoga, but even those are few and far between these days. Others may have more ideas. I have always hated exercise.....😯


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I know it's just mind over matter really but at the moment I wake up most days thinking today I will be good!

It's my first time on this site and I was wondering if others have or had the same problem. Thank you again 😀


Hi DawnD123, I know that I don't write much but read most posts. I'm sorry to hear about your terrible journey. All I will add to malatatete's reply is try eating different foods types when you are hungry. Maybe swap biscuits for fruit/nuts/seeds and try and drink water to fill you up. Walking is better than doing no exercise so please don't beat yourself up for thinking it's nothing. If you enjoy walking increase the time and/or no. of times you walk.

I am trying to blog some nutritional help for brain injuries, very badly maybe but as an ABI sufferer I have just put down some handy tips that I have personally tried . The site is brainnutrition2015@wordpress.com

All the best to you and good luck.



Thank you for taking the time to respond, I will check out the site.



can I suggest a local slimming world group. I don't exercise much as work full time and Carer to my husband and I have lost three stone over 18 months. I always stay to group where I get great support and suggestions for meals. I am never hungry and we all eat more healthier now.

Bella magazine has an offer for slimming world membership this week I think.

Good luck


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Thank you for the suggestion but I don't really want to join a slimming group. I know they help lots of people but I don't really want to commit to going to meetings etc. thanks again.


Hi there,

Not sure I can be of much help but just to say that I have always had weight issues - before BI but did used to do a fair amount of exercise - or so I thought. ....

I always said the best way to make sure you exercise regularly was to find things you really like doing - that way you will go back to them ............ for me Yoga and swimming were thetwo main things I was so very keen to get back to ( and the yoga helped with balance issues ) .

But since I had to give up my driving licence for many months I took up cycling - only managed to get to the co op and back for several weeks ( not far ) but have persevered and love the feeling of freedom, saying hello to people en route, fresh air and now try to bike most days ( 5 miles minimum if possible)..... Would be gutted if my bike was broken/stolen ..... Have you tried anything different ? Things you thought would be too difficult / strange ? Belly dancing ? Golf ? Frisbee ? ( sorry just trying to think outside the box a little ) - Have lost about a stone since xmas without cutting any food / portions which I would find extremely difficult.

I've even found that the new choir is a help - to not think about food sometimes ...

Oh and I probably have increased the water intake and fruit intake - def have more than 5 portions fruit/veg every day......

Hope you find something that works for you :-)


Hi Dawn,

I thought this site was interesting :


Although I'm sorry the title is a little less than subtle !

As Moo said, if you absolutely have to have snacks ( and I know what I am like a week before my period - hormones, I assume ! ) fruit /veg/ salad is the least calorific.

I understand that attending a slimming group may be hard to commit to and also add extra pressure to keep up with everyone else. Walking is great exercise and don't forget that all physical activity be it cleaning, gardening etc , having a dance in the house ( I had a Mick Jagger 'do' to the radio today much to my dog's amusement ! ) or even using a rocking chair to relax in is all good physio and burning calories : )

Love Moo's idea of belly dancing too - Shakira, Shakira : ))

Hope some of this helps,

Angela x

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