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Post concussion syndrome -new sufferer


Hi, I'm new here. I have this following a fall 6 weeks ago. I'm finding it very hard to cope with. I'm having problems with headaches, dizziness (both very bad today, making me feel queasy),, tiredness, mood swings, generally feeling rough, and particularly with anxiety/stress - this was bad before but is very much worse now. I fractured my collarbone too. And I broke my glasses so until I feel up to going to the optician I'm having to use an old pair, which isn't good for the headaches. Think today's headache might be due to sleeping awkwardly, I have longstanding neck problems anyway. I also have an autoimmune condition called Sjögren's syndrome which among other things causes fatigue and anxiety, so wasn't in a great place to start with. Any advice please?

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Hi I too have Post Concussion. 1st April I went head first down some stairs - subarachnoid Haemorrhage broken nose 6 stitches in my eyebrow and 2 nights in hospital. It was awful. I am a Registered Nurse have 4 young boys and am so used to being multifunctional busy busy mother. After 3 weeks I thought I was getting better and then the vertigo started - oh my god like being on the Gravitron show ride. I also started getting awful headaches. I ignored all this and tried desperately to get on with my life and went back to work (I work part time) My work has been good with reduced hours but I struggled with learning and anxiety. I returned way too early! I have started feeling depressed and it is a awful feeling. I have been in denial since my accident and now I am facing facts that I may have a long journey ahead of me in getting better. I wish I could tell you it will be alright. Cognitively I know that I am ok. It is just the fast processing and prioritising I am struggling with. The vertigo spinning has stopped and it has been replaced with a dizzy rocking on a boat feeling. I can't even have a wine!!!!! Anyway I wish you well on your journey and I pray that we both make a full recovery

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Thanks Brigita, sorry you're having such a bad time. It must be so hard with a family to look after and a job. Fortunately there's only me and my husband at home so I can rest when I need to, he's very good with all the practical stuff although is fed up with not being able to go out and about - part of my anxiety at the moment is that I don't feel confident to be on my own for long. He doesn't really 'get' anxiety anyway which is frustrating for us both. I get panicky when new symptoms develop in case it's something significant., e.g. This morning I've had a couple of bad dizzy spells, which happened suddenly and I felt very hot with it, which hasn't happened before. I'm hoping it will go away and trying not to think what it might be... anxiety seems to have taken over my life at the moment


Your brain is a very complicated organ and it needs time to 'reboot' itself. You need rest, rest and more rest. A broken collarbone is enough on its own to make you feel awful (I had one last year) so take it easy for a while and let your body heal itself.

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Thank you! Fortunately I haven't been in too much pain from the collarbone but it's my right side which makes life difficult. And it's too hot to be trussed up in a sling! I'm doing my best to get plenty of rest. I can't read, use the iPad or watch tv too much at the moment though as I broke my glasses when I fell and am having to use old ones, which can soon give me a headache - not a good idea. Hopefully I'll get to the optician soon.

Hi Flora. PCS can take anything up to a year (or more) to abate ; not surprising when you consider the brain's delicate & complex nature. Rest is the key, but also a return to gentle, reassuring activities like short walks outdoors.

Do you have anti-anxiety or antidepressant meds for temporary help with your loss of confidence and stress, and anything to control the dizziness ?

Cat x

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Thanks Cat. No I'm not taking any medication for the anxiety, I tried something a few years ago but didnt get on with it, and as I often don't react well to medication I'dprefer not to take if I can help it. I have counselling and use a meditation/relaxation app a lot. I'm not taking anything for the dizziness either. It's just got worse today. One possible reason is that my neck badly needs adjustment by my chiropractor, I can tell that it's not right - ironically that's where I was going for my regular session when I fell. I really want to see her soon but even if I could face the 40 minute car trip I'm not sure if it's too soon. Or the dizziness might be something to do with my ears, they both feel uncomfortable and a bit blocked up, with bad tinnitus - my gp had already referred me to ENT before my fall because of this. Also the glands in my neck are aching a lot which means I'm having a flare up of my Sjögren's syndrome. However when it cools down a little I'll go for a wander round the garden.

Dear Flora,

Please read your paragraph above again. You are such trooper! (I hope that American expression is not something terrible in England. :) ) I cannot offer any medical advice, but I do want to convey that I admire you greatly for the clarity and maturity that you apply to the multiple types of suffering that temporarily afflict you. You are doing so many things that will help you, even if it does take longer than desired.

One suggestion: Ask your husband to massage your feet with lotion for a good long while. It is such a simple thing and yet it can have so many good effects. It relaxes muscles all over the body. It relaxes your mind. It allows your husband to do something that really helps you-- I imagine that he may be feeling a bit helpless, unable to really reduce your suffering. It leaves your feet pretty and with a soft glow.

One more. When I am feeling overall not well, if find that cutting out refined sugar from my diet and increasing the amount of water I drink generally helps. Perhaps this could give you some basic relief as well.

Wishing you the very best path forward,


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Thanks. - I'll suggest that to my husband! Although I'm not sure he'll be too keen! Yes I do drink plenty of water, especially in the hot weather we're having here.

As a fellow post concussion sufferer I know I spent so much time feeling anxious about both new and reccurring symptoms, but I needn’t have worried as they were all a normal part of pcs. It’s hard not to worry but what I did realise was that being stressed and anxious just made symptoms worse. You have a lot to deal with with your other isssues too so I feel for you. It sounds like you are being proactive with your Counselling. Chiropractor (a lot of my headaches came from my neck), and meditation/relaxation so keep that going. Be kind to yourself and be patient. Pace yourself as doing too much can set you back. Brain healing is a long so process but it does heal. Good luck Flora. Louise x

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Thank you Louise for your supportive reply. Yes I do worry a lot about all the symptoms. I've just written another post about some that are bothering me and haven't been explained - see post concussion sufferer part 2. I don't like the feeling that my body is completely out of control. I know what I should do, relaxation etc, but sometimes it's so hard...feeling quite upset and shaky at the moment..

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