The dreaded PIP Form

Just filling in the dreaded PIP form for my husband. I just wonder how anyone can fill this form out

if they have difficulties like aphasia/dysphasia or struggle with forms? My husband is fortunate that i can

do it for him but he wouldnt have a clue if he had to fill it in on his own and would just leave everything blank. I feel really sorry for all those people who are on their own struggling to complete it. Anyone else

got any advice?

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I have a frontal bi and forms are a major problem for me, especially like you have acknowledged - I don't have anyone to do it for me! I have struggled to complete both PIP and ESA forms. Great to hear you are doing the form for your husband. My advice would be to send as much supporting documentation eg hospital discharge & clinic letters, rehab professionals etc, as you can with the form. The Benefits and Work website is worth joining because you can then access very helpful guidance to help fill the forms to have the greatest chance of success. Good luck


Citizen's Advice are really good. Many disability organisation will help too if you ask and make an appointment or two.

For anyone who is struggling to try to do it on their own DON'T. There is help. You just have to ask.

I know there is a section of the community who don't want to ask for help (I was one) but honestly ask for help it is worth it.

Love n hugs



I filled it in for him and luckily enough my son works in a hospital and gave me his imput-BUT we shall see the outcome???


Hi there

My husband also got a PIP to fill in but there is no way he could have done this himself. I was advised by a carer support worker to contact Social Work to help.

I got an appointment and a lady filled the form in for my husband, she was very helpful. She went through the form with us both asking my husband all the questions and asking me for my input. As she is used to filling in these forms she could explain our answers in detail, in a way I could not possibly have done.

He still has not heard yet if he will get an award but was only done early January.


Phantoms right. CAB have people who's jobs are these forms. Would def recommend getting an apt with your local form helper to have a lol at it before you submit it. Getting it right the first time is a whole lot less stress than needing to appeal.

A friend did mine when they were DLA, she had experience from the child forms.

Hope you're not waiting too long.


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Seek advice from a charity website on how to explain in a relevat way how youur particular disability affects you as against the assessment criteria. I always go to the MEA because they did sterling work on the impact of a fluctuating neuro condition.

Dont write on the form - write it down on paper and type up or upload when you are happy with it.

Leave plenty of time - days and weeks rather than hourd - to complete it.

Always have someone on hand for emotional support...spending a few hours over several days explaining repeatedly on paper just how cr@p your abilities are is not something that gives you a psychological boost at all.

Photocopy and include letters emails and reports from any medics you have had contact with in last 2 years.

Expect to have to appeal.

Use CAB if you are at all worried. Better than risking making a hash of it.

Best of luck.

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If you have a community social worker they be able to help, they are usually based at your doctors surgery, failing that ask at your CAB

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