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Hi Everyone. Just short question.

I’m going to appeal the decision that pip left all my head injuries out.

I chatted with a nice lass on here but forgot.

Is it best doing the court appeal in first instance online through the gov site or telephone ?

I maybe better being online because I can read and make my disputes and jot them to to copy and paste on there online form.

Otherwise being asked questions I get puddled and confused.

I suppose I’ve just answered my own question,

Anyone that’s done this with head injury, short term

Memory, forgetting what your doing etc etc etc etc. To help me know my frame of mind to answer the questions ?

I’ve got to do in next couple of days so anything would be good

Anyone that’s been through it would help a great deal. I keep forgetting to do the form, then get to it and asks me why. And I’ve got to read there form reply again that I’ve forgot.

Thanks in advance and bite me, if no one replies. Joking

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I got the CAB to help me. I got PIP first time around but for the work capacity assessment it ended in the situation that you are in. There are no tick boxes for BI, to be fair the assessor said make the mandatory appeal by just phoning the DWP, make sure they have all the medical evidence and a decision will be made. I remember I got really stressed out by the whole situation and had been on the verge of homelessness for months. Go through the mandatory appeal procedure, make sure they have the medical evidence or the contact details of your GP and brain injury service and wait for the result. In the mean time make an appointment with the CAB or other body to help you through it. Remember memory problems are a cognitive impairment and therefore a disability, you should be entitled to help. Hope that helps.

Symundo in reply to pinkvision

Thanks Pink Eye. Great help. Is CAB, citizens advice ? I foogled it and They came up loads of times.

If I don’t ask anyone. Who defends me?

Good of you to get back to me, cheers. I’m glad it worked out for you.

pinkvision in reply to Symundo

Yep citizens advice. It may also be a good idea to phone the headway helpline and ask for advice on whether you can get other kinds of help with making formal decisions, appeals and representations. Have you been advised by your GP or neuropsychologist that you may experience problems with information processing and should get advice when dealing with formal bodies, ie DWP etc. It may be a good idea to find out. I was advised not to deal with formal decisions and signed a form giving the CAB the power to handle my formal applications etc. The rules are a little weird where the DWP are concerned but it can be done.

Symundo in reply to pinkvision

Cheers. I’ve just got to try and get my head into gear to contact them. I’m already late. I’ve had no help. Had diagnosis over the years. That I sent to PIP that the DWP did a report on me years ago. And with TBI nothing changes, but for some reason they think it does. But I can’t undo a TBI. Where my memory is stuck over 15 years ago. With no new memory recall. Thanks again.

Generally the rule of the jungle is to do everything in writing and keep records. I would definitely get the assessment report, that gives you the order and headings you are disputing. I had similar re PIP, but I was lucky to have a ministry of health approved Dr's report which completely trashed the Atos fabrication.

Sometimes it seems easy to do things by phone, but unless you have the facility to record what is discussed, you have no evidence to fall back on.

I did my own appeal, but I wouldn't generally recommend it, I am a retired nurse, so am used to evidencing reports like what was needed in this case.

Symundo in reply to Pairofboots

Cheers. Does the appeal start when you fill the form in online or do they contact you again for more info or ask questions.

I was just wondering if it’s ok to dispute what they say in the letter replying online and contact CAB after ?

It’s just my attention and doing something takes me forever.

Pairofboots in reply to Symundo

It starts as soon as you register the dispute, it's best to get your additional evidence together at the time of appeal. You need to demonstrate why the original decision was incorrect. They won't accept like mum might say "because".

Symundo in reply to Pairofboots

Yep. Ok. I sent them tons of paperwork that they obviously didn’t read. I’ve just emailed CAB. I have injuries that cause other problems that these dosy sods don’t realize that 4 shattered limbs with arthritis causes a world of pain, making my memory and attention span worse where I can’t do anything at all.

They just see them as separate individual problems that can be sorted, but unless your giving me new arms and legs, there’s a fat chance in that.

Looks like I might be on my own because my injury list just confuses everyone.

Cheers mate

Pairofboots in reply to Symundo

That is half the problem, they don't have the sense to put everything together. It's pen pushers that decide, not medics.

I'm sure that they knock back some in the hopes you give up.

Keep up the good fight.

Symundo in reply to Pairofboots

Very true. They don’t put things together.

Cheers Mate

Hello I have been sorting my Son’s affairs now for 7 years. P.I.P was a nightmare for us. However through a very good person in our local CAB we won the battle without court. Thankfully it was the work of this person corresponding . Sorry it can’t answer you immediate question but certainly was worth getting a person like we had and I am sure they are around. Maybe Headway has a qualified person?

Symundo in reply to Saltness

Ok thanks Salty, I’ll save a day if I can to see what headway say as well.

I’m just fed up with people saying I sound ok, or you don’t look injured. That’s it’s society that if they don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. It’s exactly the same with this virus 🦠.

I’ve forgot now what I’m going to do.

Oh yes. Thanks. Citizens advice.

I just go mad explaining my injuries and TBI because it’s so intertwined that it even confuses me explaining.

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