Feeling Deflated

My husband's recovery from his insulin overdose is coming along slowly but surely and he gave me my first hug in seven weeks. Lovely!

BUT....he has left me in a financial mess. Bills not paid, mortgage in arrears (though this is being sorted) and huge debts which I need to sort.

CAB have been brilliant and have offered to help but I can't help but worry as it is possible that I may lose my home. I feel that it is one step forward and one back at the moment. Sorry to whinge but just needed to talk. Thanks


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Hi Angie,

So happy for you re the hug 💑

Please take the offer of help from CAB. You don't want to lose your home and if CAB can put measure/advice in place to help you take it. Whatever help is available in whatever way TAKE IT.

It's easy to say don't worry, but much harder to practice what we preach..isn't it!!!!

Whinge whenever you need to, cos it's good to get things off your chest.

Take care

Joanne 😀


hi Joanne

Thank you. I know that it'll probably work out ok and the financial side of things will be sort itself out but you're right it is hard not to worry. I am trying to stay positive but sometimes it gets a little hard to do.

Thanks again for the support

Angie x


Hi Angie

CAB will be able to help you make appropriate and affordable credit arrangements with all your creditors until you get back on your feet. Mortgage companies are not liable to take repossession action in circumstances where a payment arrangement has been made and is kept, because if they do the courts tend to throw it out - this dates back to the last time there were issues in the housing market and some lenders got a bit repo-happy, so the courts clamped down on it.

CAB may even be able to get all your debts down to an arrangement of a few pounds a payment as an interim measure until you are in a better place to deal with it all.

And just some personal experience - when I got ill my husband had not long been made redundant, and my pay fell to half pay then Stat Sick Pay. We ended up downsizing for practical and financial reasons and found it has suited us better anyway. We have had ups and downs and it certainly isn't like the good old days...but we manage! It is possible for it to pan out in the end.

A final thought - check credit card bills for 'insurance' which will be PPI and claim on it. Life policies and endowment policies often have a waiver clause in case of incapacity. See whether there is a local charity that can help - mist areas have a 'poorlands' or similar Victorian era charity which makes lump sum payments to people in times of crisis (and yes, that's you.)

Hope it helps. And hope the progress continues. God bless x

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Hope all gues well for you C.A.B are brilliant they will help you they have helped us for many years hope you both get yourselves sorted your husband gets better soon I have brain injury but a struggle back to work part time after 9 months off work had my brain anerysm over 6 years now you will get sorted


Hi Angie.

A big hug from me. Truly hope your are ok and get some help with your financial situation. May be an idea to go and see your back and go through everything with them I'm sure they will understand well you would hope they would. Have a fantastic Thursday. XX Nick

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Take the help, take ANY help! It can never hurt. Keep positive and try not to let things grind you down. The hug is a start, let's hope for many more in the coming days, weeks and months.

But keep us all in the loop and we'll do our best to lend an ear...



Hi Angie, I can't add any advice to all the helpful replies you've already received - but just want to say how sorry I am to read about your situation......poor you......such testing times. I sincery hope you get the help you need to settle the finances and am sending a hug :) best wishes jimbles

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Fantastic news about your husband. Things have a strange way of sorting themselves out, so try to stay positive about the money side of things.

Lots of positive vibes 😄X

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