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Fatigue Bad Health

Hi All Just a few lines to let you know how I am since before Christmas I have been ill often in bed all day felt sick no appetite sweating toilet fatigued went see GP no help had blood tests to see if any thing would show up had camera test CT on bowel no sign of cancer GOOD! Retired now so want better retirement with good health had message from practice to contact them regarding my chlestrol probably too high I do not want to go on statins as they can cause problems dont want any more got an appointment to see a Neorologist at Pinderfields hospital have been keeping sleep diary but became too ill to keep it up so I thought I would ask for ideas where to go from here. All the very best to everyone on this site for the New Year. John AKA Comanchero

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Hi Comanchero, I felt like you about statins, but I've had no problems with them and they did bring down the cholesterol level when diet changes didn't. I made a bargain with the doctor that I would take them only if no side effects, but I'd stop them immediately if I had to and he was happy with that.

When I had all the facts in front of me I had to go ahead and try. He did say that they couldn't force me to take them. Anyhow, it's your decision to ale.

Like you all I want is a happy and healthy retirement.

Glad to hear that all the tests have been good news, long may that continue, love Janet x

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Dear comanchero,

Seeing the neurologist seems like an excellent next step. I hope that (s)he is able to give you some good diagnosis and advice. In conjunction with that I can suggest something that I discounted for a long time and which has helped me tremendously-- do things that are gentle and known to be good for your entire system. In my case, drinking enough water, getting some physical therapy, and doing very gentle ("restorative") yoga have given me pain relief and a generally improved feeling of well-being. As i reach the point where I will not need physical therapy, i will substitute in massages. all the best to you.


Morning ,

Yes life is so flippin' frustrating isn't it ...... ? ( I had just planned to have a year off as my kids were both at uni and my job there "done" when hit by brain illness at aged 49 - grrr)

I hope you got some better sleep - just wondered if you were taking medications that might account for some of the symptoms you mentioned ? I know I waas much better off without the Tramadol after a few weeks - the night sweats/pain/jittery feelings were all side effects and whilst going " cold turkey" ( I'm vegetarian so woould like a veggie expression really) was tough it was much better without.

Do hope you get to talk to Gp about cholesterol etc - diet can have big impact if you don't fancy the statins ( I wouldn't either ) and that you get to see specialists to discuss everything ..... good luck :-)


Hi John,

I'm sorry to hear you have had such a rough time.

I'm including a link here to a website with suggestions of dietary changes to help control cholesterol levels :


Is it possible you have had a bug ( a few on here have ) which has caused an IBS type flare up ?

Have they checked your hormone levels ( I am thinking of the sweating/changes in bowel/fatigue ) ? I know that Pax suffers with the sweating ( as I now do ! ) as a hormone related change. If it's any consolation, my GP's have been useless with my recent illness too !

Hopefully, the neurologist can shed some light on all this.

Take care,

Angela x


Hi John,

The best I could say, and would likely get ignored because that is how it has worked with others, is to consume more nature.

I have a lot more faith in nature and the more you read up on nature and what foods can help with what. I had problems with fatigue but now my diet has turned around I do not get as fatigued.

I had problems with my sleep but have turned hat around now.

I do realise that not everyone is the same so we all handle things differently and we may not end up with the same outcome as some people but I would advise anyone to turn to nature as their is a lot of research out there to look for and a lot of options to healing or helping certain areas.

Im glad to hear you do not want to be on statins as they WILL cause problems in the long run.

Most, if not all, pharmaceutical drugs cause problems which is why I steer clear of them. Don't trust them as far as I could throw them.

My aunty is on statins and I don't want her to be but she, like other members of my family will not listen. If she ends up with problems, diabetes is one, I shall blame the statins.

When I was little, I had a very poor, junk food diet and ended up having 2 brain tumours removed as a result. Later in life I found that the chemical aspartame, which is included in most diet drinks, has the potential to give you brain cancer.

Now most people would say it could have been a number of reasons that lead those tumours but I like to differ. Most people would say that it is not all black and white but I like to differ.

Why do they think it is not all black and white? Are they rocket scientists?

I'm not either, I am just taking the simplest answer. Things really can be simple but sometimes people make a meal out of things.

So everytime someone in my family is ill, I now look at what they are taking to "cure" their ailment.

I had flu symptoms not long ago, I still have the remainders of a cough and some mucus still but it is not bothersome.

Anyway, I knew I was going to get ill because during December, I was eating more sugary, acidic foods and coming away from the healthy, alkaline foods.

If you consume more acidic foods, illnesses, diseases and so on have a better chance of thriving in the body.

So with my acidic body comes along a flu but I was ready for it and I was battling it by consuming nature and I got over the worst of the flu in a matter of days.

Take care,


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