Dear All I am writing for advice how do I deal with this kind of fatigue? it starts above the nose spreads around and in the eyes and then throughout the body I usually have to finish up in bed while I feel better it is having a detrimental effect on the quality of my life but for this I would be a lot better off. It is as a result of a RTA in New Orleans in Nov 2010 so it has been going on for a long time I had a fractured skull and 2 heamorages on the brain and was off work for 13 months went back but retired on my 65th birthday so I am now looking for a better quality of life I do art which is going well. I do Lee style Tai Chi which helps a lot last september was referred to see a neurologist at Pinderfields hospital wakefield still waiting for appointment any ideas?

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Hi comanchero,

Its back to old advice of monitoring to find your limits and stick to them so as not to overdo it.

Having said that you always will push that little bit and often not realise you have overdone it till its to late.

I like you have found art a great release but can become to absorbed and over push myself. I may not be the best artist but find it a great way releasing frustrations and get myself back on track.

The monitoring does work but only whilst you keep up the monitoring. The only way I find that works is accept the fatigue ( I still have a moan about it) and do your best to not push yourself to hard. All the best.

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Can only add to Paxo's advice, know your limits and work within the boundaries, I have whole days that I write off because I nap on and off all day then sleep all night too.

I'm best in the morning and early afternoon, once you get to 8 pm I'm useless.i get so tired if I overdo things, my sight dims and my voice goes, only a sleep repairs that.

I'm forever hopeful that things will improve.

I found I was really good when we went on a cruise, made the most of the days then but I didn't have to do anything other than rest and relax!!!!

I'm still looking for the miracle cure if you find it before me let me know.

Happy hunting, love Janet xxxxx

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As Paxo and Janet have said, it is about knowing limits and trying to live within. Trouble is the line is both invisible and elastic, so you only usually spot it when past it! I have found if I think of energy saving for my body the same way as I do for my home I am able to eke things out a bit.

So I have a stool in the kitchen which I sit on to prep food, wash up, cook etc. Always sit down to do jobs if you can, and most things you can. Some jobs I simply dont do now - so I iron very little, if at all; I hoover very little, I hardly ever dust... the house isn't a showhome, but it is clean enough and I am not constantly in bed, as I would be if I tried to 'keep up' with things I have found don't actually need to be done.

I have a mobility scooter. I hated it when I first got it, but if it means I can go up to the village whenever I like, or spend a day out with the children without worrying about the after effects it is worth it. I do try to walk whenever I can as walking is such a problem for me, but equally it is one of the things which most tires me, so there is no point overdoing that side of things as it is a surefire way to be confined to the house.

I try to go to bed and get up at roughly the same time each day, and not do anything too brain draining before bed: a book is better than TV which requires your brain to take in all that sound, picture and storyline info all at once last thing at night...not the best prelude to sleep, and since my ME wrecked my circadian rhythms sleep is a precious resource indeed.

I make lots of scheduled stops during the day. These aren't as rigorously scheduled as they once were; these days it has become habit so they don't need to be. So I do a bit then have a sit, do a bit then have a sit, do a bit....you get the idea I am sure.

Before I became ill I was known at work as someone who didn't stop, the Duracell bunny. It isn't the way that I live now - thank God! It has taken a lot to get used to, but the thing with fatigue, unlike some other symptoms such as pain, is there is no point trying to 'push through' it. It isn't heroic to do so, it is simply exacerbating the problem, storing up worse to come.

I hope you find your own way to 'live within' your limit. Once your nose starts to feel it, I would have a sit down!


I too was struggling with fatigue but have found that a neurologist really helped me understand why and how to deal with it a lot better. You really need to push for an appointment, go back to your gp and see if they can speed it up any!


I took an anurysm in nov 2012 i didnt except how ill i was could not understand why i was so tired then and now i see from reading about how others feel this is an on going problem... now i understand a lot more about my limitations and am not alone, so thankyou to all for sharing your journey... it has given me ways i can help myself... for someone who was always on the go its hard and frustrating but am starting to except i must work with it and find ways to help myself... i am so glad i found this site.. thanks comanchero for asking for advice on fatigue.

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Good stuff, Bette,

I too have found other's experiences invaluable in my understanding of my problems : ) x


The is a fatigue vourse the abi team do i have only been once but they wzplain stuff it aeems ok might be worth a try



have you discussed the tiredness with your GP it may have other causes



to richey kady and all others who have replied thanks very much I do appreciate it


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