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need some help

my name is Tracey.

my husband Paul is 47 years old and usually fit and well.

3 weeks ago he developed a severe chest infection and the doctor gave him some antibiotics. after a day and a half I could see he wasnt feeling better so i sent him back to docs. they then sent him to hospital.

the day after he seemed in better spirits when his daughter visited. although she said in the 3 hours she was there the nurse had forgotten to turn on his oxygen.

he video called me in the afternoon with a nebuliser mask on him and seemed in good spirits.

however early hours Saturday morning be started texting me. come get me. get here fast. don't phone just come get me.

obviously I was concerned and phoned the ward and they said very sorry your husband got agitated and took himself off the ward. I phoned 10 mins later and they said no problem we have found him and he is now safe on the ward.

10 mins later I phoned to see how he was and the doctor said I needed to get to hospital quick as my husband had a seizure.

he had respiratory arrest and put him in induced coma.

he is breathing for himself and has a tracheoctomy in. his kidneys are now working fine and he is now on no medication. just a feed tube.

he hasn't regained consciousness although his eyes open on occasions and he does mouthing movements and he yawns alot and he does shudder but apart from that there is nothing

he is my husband and my life and I am distraught beyond words. please can someone help who is or going through this

many thanks from a desperate heartbroken wife xxxxxxx

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Oh Tracy, you're obviously at your wits end, so I suggest you phone the Headway helpline tomorrow for a one-to-one conversation with a member of the Headway team.

Your husband's condition isn't one I'm familiar with, but I just wanted to offer some support and to say that we see many folk here, myself included, desperately poorly one week, then rallying the next.

Seeing a loved one surrounded by drips & other medical paraphernalia is frightening during a critical episode, (my family were frantic seeing me in ICU) but your man's youth and previous fitness should be a great asset to his recovery.

Keep talking to him Tracy and keep up as much physical contact as possible ; It'll reassure him and, hopefully, coax him back to you.

Please talk to Headway tomorrow, before they break for the weekend. The no. is 0808 800 2244 (office hours - free calls).

Sending hugs and best wishes ; I hope you'll have more promising news soon m'dear.

Love Cat xx


Do ring Headway, i understand your whole world has just come to a halt! its scary unknown and you never know whats round the corner! is your husband on a neuro ward now? if so trust your team and allow them to treat him, ask for as much info as you can and be postaive the brain is a cool bit of kit and can heal.

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thank u so much xxx


pleasure,and take of you as well DONOT live off insatnt mash like i did!


thank u so much xxx


Dear Tracey,

Poor you - such an awful situation to be in - I really feel for you. I was in a similar position myself when I was told 3 years ago there was no hope for my husband after a cardiac arrest. He now works, drives and cycles so there is definitely hope. Drs are quite good at telling you the worst case scenario so hang on in there and definitely contact Headway - they are a great source of information and support and so is this site. Take care and fingers crossed for you and your husband xxx


that's all I have left is hope. thank you xxx


I don't know about your husband's situation, but I know that all will be well. Keep your courage. The brain has fantastic ways to regenerate itself. We are here for you. xoxo


Wishing you all, all the very best♡


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