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Thank you

I have to say thank you to those precious people who have sent me positive messages. Finding this website has been so helpful as I feel less isolated in my circumstances.

I have had a couple of bad days but am starting to feel a little better. Knowing there are others out there who have gone through similar experiences and can understand my frustrations is such a relief. So once again thank you.

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Hope you have more good days than bad. Things do improve even though you might not notice. I have found that others notice more than you - If you get my drift. I have bad days too. It's not easy for you or others. I have been awful to my hubby and I cringe when I think of what's been said by me. Happy New Year! Onwards and upwards. Take care xx

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I kept a diary and that was very good for looking back and seeing how things have improved. Another way to visualise the good days is to get an empty jar and put a token of some sort into it every good day you have. My children did that for me. It showed when I had been good or not angry or had managed to do a new task. Simplistic but it worked!


I am pleased you are feeling a little better. I was first told after my accident to take a day at a time, difficult to implement, but I think the idea is if we look too far ahead, we become overwhelmed. As other member say keep a diary. It will keep a diary of progress, dips and upturns, and reading your good days may keep you going through a bad day. Be kind to yourself and look after yourself


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