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Driving Licence


On Saturday, after 14 months since applying, I received my full British Driving Licence.

I have been driving in South Africa, as I had an SA and Zimbabwe Licence, but asi am now in UK, I had to try and change it!

I went through all the medical channels, as I didn't want to hide my TBI, and many letters have gone back and forth!

At last I have it!


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Well done Debs and what a wonderful Xmas present. Will you be purchasing a car in the New Year??


Maybe! I'll see! 😉


hazzah! as we say in re-enacting! fab news!


Thanks 😀😉

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Good news Debs ; what a big difference it'll make to your daily life.

Have a lovely Christmastime m'dear. Love Cat xx


Thanks. You too! Xx


Congratulations although I was allowed to drive it was clearly not safe so I only ventured back behind the wheel when i was generally feeling better and coping with life. I was very nervous and only did local trips at first and during the day then gradually got bolder until I am fully back now. It is fantastic to be able to drive again. Enjoy the freedom Debs 🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗


Thanks so much! 😉


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