Passed my minibus licence

Passed my minibus licence

I was back driving occationally about six months after the car accident which gave me a brain injury but I wanted more. I wanted to be formally taught better driving and I want to help the canoe club I run by being able to take people on trips so I needed to get a minibus licence. This is a very faffy and expensive process, read Passing a D1 Minibus Licence in Edinburgh on my normal blog for the gory details. After failing twice, once my fault and once the fault of the training company I was very agitated when it came to the actual test but I'd done all the sensible things of getting a good night's sleep (except for the bit where drunk people rang my doorbell at 2 in the morning) and driving lots and eating healthy. I thought I'd screwed up at the end where I came off a motorway and broke the 30 limit I'd entered but the assessor was fine with it. So now I've shown myself I can learn and improve, I've improved my driving (something everyone should do but especially if you know you have made a near fatal mistake) and I can help my friends and community by taking them places. I took a dozen people to a loch for a paddle to celebrate.

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  • CONGRATS!!!!! That is brilliant news. Well done!

  • It's such a confident boast well done bet your real proud and so you should be I know that feeling when I passed my hgv much higher standard than. Car have a nice day out

  • Congratulations, positive news!

  • Congrats! That's awesome I am looking forward to driving again. I had a brain bleed in April and just had my GK which has set me back just a bit.

  • Well in. On a coincidental canoe note, having 4 years post-injury got through 4* Leader (also 2nd attempt!) and Level 2 Coach assessments I had my first proper day as a paid paddler yesterday. 'Slow acquisition' doesn't mean ' No acquisition'. Happy paddling, and congrats again :-)

  • Hey well done on that, just like the driving licence those are two very time consuing and expensive qualifications but well worth it to get through them. Next step will be Moderate Water Endorcement if you haven't already got it. Enjoy the water :)

  • Good going - Do continue to advise on your very admirable efforts and acheivements.

  • Congrats!! :D

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