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Notes from the brain damaged Baron

I’ve suddenly come to realise a slightly more accurate gauge to ‘acceptance’ than in my last ramblings on the topic.

Ooh, Topics, do they still make them? I’m partial to a hazelnut.

I’m sitting here at the moment, cat on my knee, television droning away in the background. It's just a normal day really. The broken toe is really quite sore now; my foot is swollen to the size of a small blimp. As ever, I’m blowing my nose like it’s going out of fashion, starting to sweat a little as I’m on the last box of tissues. My throat is blocked too and I’m so hooked on eating Extra Strength Lockets that I’m on the verge of injecting them directly into my bloodstream. I’m a menthol junkie. Soon to be seen in a shop doorway begging for honey flavoured Lemsip.

And Strepsils.

I’m dreading the thought of Christmas and the chaos it brings to my brain damaged world.

I have a headache once again, obviously. It's a default setting.

And yet… I don’t feel the slightest bit sorry for myself. I really couldn’t care less. What will be will be and I can’t change anything, so what’s the point?

Well, I can change one thing. I’m off to put the heating on.

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get well soon,and trynot to eat too many throat sweets! or take too much paracetamol,glad to hear you are feeling postaive x


oohh yes i bealive you can still buy topics


Great title for a song don't you think que Sera Sera?

And I think our American friends have a point when they say don't sweat the small stuff.




Right ! it's official ; I'm locking myself indoors 'til Spring. Maybe by then all these viruses will have done their worst & worn themselves out.

My daughter started with a sore throat, which escalated to quinzies after which she was admitted to hospital, dehydrated through inability to swallow any liquids or get her breath.

After some pretty nasty medical procedures, the condition upgraded itself to lockjaw then a chest infection, requiring oxygen and steroids.

My poor girl. But she valiantly isolated herself, to minimise cross infection from that particular lurgee, and she's now recovered & back to work.

So I'm not quite so blasé as you Andy ; I don't shake these things off easily & it seems to run in the family.

I hope you can drag yourself across to Bakewell this weekend despite your handicaps !! I'm sure you will. :-o xx


I was considering spending the rest of my life 'zorbing' in a big plastic bubble, Cat !

Glad your daughter is better - must have been a tough time and very shocking from a 'simple' sore throat. x

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Thanks m'love. I do believe in the 'run down' philosophy where being generally worn out can deplete one's immunity.

She's a stresshead with a full-time job & difficult child, not to mention the fall-out from her dads illness and death & responsibility for his


Maybe we need to start thinking about taking the same measures as in China ................ the use of surgical face masks whenever we go out !

You take care Angela ; you, of all people, don't need reminding how easily things can escalate. xxx

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Hi baron, I am not sure if you had such sharp, random and sarcastic sense of humour pre brain injury but if you didnt then please be grateful you do now as it made me chuckle away!


squirrel poop! it has a hazelnut in every bite as well