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Another bright idea

I love it when my wife asks me a question with the phrase " I was just wondering".

It usually is her subtle way of hinting that I may just have done something rather strange/ silly.

This was last week and her question was why had I fully fueled the car.

Well I replied .....rather pleased with myself for forwad planning......that I had quite a few appointments over the coming two weeks that involved travelling a greater than normal distance.

She smiled ( rather smuggly) " so you have checked your notice board then".

This I had but suddenly felt a little sort of eerrr lets say less sure. I treid ti reel off my upcoming trips and was sure I was right. My wife congratulated me on my sudden grasp of my memory, but still I felt tbere was something not quite right.

So I went and checked my board and was myself feeling rather smug...well for a minute anyway.

Then I noticed in large red writing across the middle of the board."" Oh shucks ( or something like that)" I said to myself.

What caused this utterance, what words could suddenly deflate me.

PICK NEW CAR UP NEXT WEEK was the blasted sentance. Yep what fool fills up there car the week before swapping it.....welll that will be me then. How could I forget...well quite easily obviously.

On the up side we have taken the grand kids to the coast ( its not closed in the winter I sort of lied).

My wife had been wondering how to tell me I had forgot and decided sarcasm the best policy. Oh she knows me well.

Just goes to show even things we are looking forward to can easily slip our memories. So its off to pick up the car in the morning oh and just wondering does anyone want any diesel because I know a car thats got nearly half a tank.


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Ha ha Paxo this made me chuckle this morning. memories eh I know mine is fading then it comes back into full use.

Any why o why do we always have that self doubt when we get one of those special looks form our other halves, its all in the Bi isn't it.

Loved your storey, have a fantastic peaceful Monday. N


Ha ha - funny moment. Thanks for sharing as I'd suggest the tale is a double edged sword. Keep on moving on x


Love it Pax

Isn't it strange that memory can work fine at one level and completely miss a big chunk of relevant information?

Enjoy the new car




Similar thing a few weeks ago when it was my mothers birthday. My wife kept on asking I "You haven't forgotten your mothers birthday". No, No. It was only the day of her birthday I made the connection birthday - mother - present. I hadn't bought her anything. I had remembered the birthday but not associated it with what I had to do.

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Don't worry had a appointment of the medical verity been written on my calenderer for weeks with time felt relived I had remember something got the letter all keep with the calenderer because I know I misplace everything double checked as I was going out the door yep it was the 14.10 on the 23rd of Dec yep I was going to be a whole month early it wouldn't be the first time I got it wrong and arrived a day or two before but I whole month that's a first for me xxx


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