Hi - a few issues


Never posted here before, only joined at the start of the week.

I'll start by giving some background to myself; I will also seek advice on a few issues.

So - I'm 43, live in north of ireland ,I'm married and a father of two young boys. I was knocked of my bicycle in July '14. Suffered a few skeletal injuries, and a brain injury. Have not much info on the brain injury - bleed, heatoma, which ultimately cleared. Some damage remains and symptoms persist -chiefly memory, mood, anxiety and temper.

So - onto the issues I'm concerned about at the minute.

Firstly, an odd one. I'm always freezing. While the house is warm I still wear a warm down jacket which would not be out of place on a polar expedition!

Secondly, I have numd right hand and fingers, right foot and lower leg, also the right side of my face, lips and tongue.

Immediately after my accident I had numd arms and legs (both sides) along with the right hand side of face and lips. This healed fairly swiftly, with the loss of feeling limited to tips of fingers and toes. It seems the some of the numdness is returning. Is there anything I can do to halt or reverse this?

Is this an issue I should raise with GP?

Thanks for any advice


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  • Hi Mert

    If you were my husband I would be suggesting you visited the GP, and requesting further tests. Wearing that sort of jacket in the house is not what you would expect, even me who feels the cold more than most. Numb limbs should also be checked out. For what it's worth that's my advice. Good luck.

  • Hi Mert,

    Welcome to the forum. As said I would go straight to your GP and explain what you have said here. Along with your feeling cold too it sounds like you need to have some tests done to find a solution for it. Have a good evening. Nick

  • mert i have numbness down my left hand side due to a stroke 3 yrs ago.

    before i was discharged from hospital i asked how long it would take for the numbness to go.....the reply......how longs a piece of string.

    i have mood swing aggression etc but i dont know until my wife tells me.

    now youre on the site, get headways working for you...find out where your nearest support group is....take your wife along because therell be people there who understand what shes going through and obviously those of us suffering the bi.

    one very important thing to remember........whoever you were before youre n longer that person.......youre this new person that you and your family have got to get to know.

    some theyll like but some theyll dislike.

    you want support mate we ll give it you


  • Hi Mert and welcome. Please ask your GP to refer you for further investigation of these symptoms. The numbness & tingling might be common problems after brain injury but, if it were me, I'd be wanting it checked by a neuro-practitioner, if only for peace of mind.

    For the coldness you might want to ask about seeing an endocrinologist about possible pituitary/thyroid damage which commonly can cause this symptom, and is often itself caused by the bi.

    Hope you can get help. For more advice please phone the Headway helpline free on 0808 800 2244 during office hours for advice, support and printed information about brain injury.

    Regards, Cat.

  • Hi Mert

    Welcome to the other family of brain injury survivors and family members.

    Definitely raise these concerns with your GP and ask for more information or copies of reports about your head injury.

    Wishing you well.



  • Many thanks for your comments. I'll make a GP appointment early next week!

    Thanks again


  • Hi,

    If you get an answer from the GP will you share....?

    Thank you.


  • Will keep you all posted.

    Thanks again


  • Hi - I promised an update...

    So had an appointment with my GP. She suggested that reduced sensation could potentially improve when my cold lifted. I was sceptical; however it appears she was correct! Sensation in face / hand and foot has returned to previous levels now my cold / fluy thing has lifted. This a big weight of my mind!

    She is testing thyroid function to see if that explains me always feeling cold.

    Thanks for your comments.



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