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Hi I'm new here

Hi, my son had a anyrism and stroke 19 months ago, can now speak and use his left hand but I realise this is a long road and no one knows how good it will get but has anyone else on here had problems with catheters as my son had the sheath catheter and was doing ok, then he had a water infection so they put a normal catheter back in and ever since they have been trying to get the sheath back but his bladder wont empty on its own, he is only 34 so I relly hope this and everything else improves but would be interested in anyones thoughts please.


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hi Heather, welcome to headway, I'm sorry to hear of your sons experience. Unfortunately I know nothing about catheters, except they exist. I'm sure you will soon get some good responses from members who can offer some help and advice

there may even be another community on HU that has patients or carers who also have to use catheters. I wish you and your son well, have you spoken to your Doctor about it?


Hi Heather,

Im sorry to hear of your sons problems but I'm sure some one will have some experience on here with catheters. We all have our journeys and God Bless you with yours and your sons. XX N


I self cath 4 times a day but if he's not able to do that then it's best to stay as you are, it might not make him feel better about himself if he was wearing pull ups.

Does it cause him any problems with infection or self esteem?

It's not the worst thing to have to cope with in the greater scheme of things.

It might seem a bit crass my saying that. I don't mean it too!


Hi Heather. I had my Stroke in 1998 at the age off 32. Over the remaing years I have had more trouble. Yes I also had/have still got big problems with emptying my bladder completely.

I did have a permanent one in to start with. But this caused me more problems. So it had to be taken out. They then gave me disposable ones to try & I went through all off them with no joy at all.

I had major stomach surgery last October and I can now catheterise through my belly button.

They created an entry through my belly button into my bladder. It sounds good but it has caused me more problems & it is taking some management at the moment.

Please contact me if I can help you further??



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