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More Baron chronicling

More Baron chronicling

The Monument to the Battle of the Nations commemorates Napoleon's defeat at Leipzig in 1813. It was completed in 1913 for the 100th anniversary of the battle, at a cost of 6 million Goldmark.

However, in 1996, amid much public discord in the City, the monument was renovated and renamed in honour of Baron Curfew and his subsequent survival within the walls of Sankt Elizabeth Krankenhaus

Die Baron Sperrstunde Denkmal still stands

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Wow that is impressive! And I didn't realise your famecwas so far-reaching, Baron, or indeed so extensive across the centuries.... quite the Dr Who, aren't you?😀

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Ever thought of aproaching the history channel......there ratings would soar.

Keep up the installments. Pax


Oh my word Andy ; that's one of the most beautiful scenes I ever laid eyes on !

And such a fitting tribute to his lordship.


It is rather nice isn't it. I was flattered, that's no lie


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