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Hi all BI folk everywhere. I came to this post some 13 years after my ABI (bacterial menigitis) but it is every bit as valuable for me now as for someone with a TBI after a RTA last week. We have symptoms in common. Me, I hate noise ( hyperacusis, folks), and crowds ( I live in Brighton and Hove so, quite hard to avoid :/

Message to you all is, yes, a BI is horrendous and it will turn your life upside down but it is survivable and you may find yourself happy one day. After a broken marriage, years of hideous hardship as an unexpectedly single mum of 2, no jobs, all due to a pesky bacterium, I have been smiling all day today...there is hope, folks, it may take years, but it will come.. Hope you all find something to smile about soon xxxxx

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WOW! all of that is true,life is way too short to fully allow it to bring us down for too long! keep smiling a really great post


What a lovely post. You are an inspiration.


Thanks for your words of encouragement.


Welcome Abi and many thanks for you inspiring thoughts.

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