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1 year on - so happy to be alive!

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Today is the 1 year anniversary of my burst aneurysm & SAH. Despite any minor side affects that get me down on a daily basis, I am so happy to be alive and today I'm feeling very positive. Thanks to God and to my supportive family without whom, I don't think I could have made it this far. And thanks to everyone here, its great to read through this site and realise that even on my worst days I'm not alone. x

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Good username m'dear......are yours really platinum ?....very posh. Mine is titanium.

What a lovely posting....thank you. It's just over a year since my sah and my family have been wonderful too.

Sincere best wishes, cat x

best wishes to you coming up to 3years since my SAH xxx

What a lovely posting - I also,just celebrated my year on recovering from a SAH. And one of the lucky ones too have made a good recovery with the help of my family and headway.

Best wishes terry xx

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Molly15 in reply to Rogers

Terry, have you made a full recovery? It would be such an encouragement to my husband to hear your story. We are just 4 months or so from his burst aneurysm, sah and stroke, and really struggling

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Rogers in reply to Molly15

Morning when I came home from hospital I could not walk or write my name. The first month I would not get up till around mid afternoon. I would spend 1/2 hour with gentle exercise, then I would listen to a play, then I would play memory games on my iPad. Previous to my SAH I had a very involved job working 45 hours a week, so for me it was so frustrating having to plod around the house for nearly 10 months. Once I had learnt to walk again I went through a stage were I kept falling over, it upset my husband more than me. I read a book called re booting my brain which helped me understand what goes on after a SAH, as my Gp had not got a clue. I did struggle while being at home, even though I have returned back to work I still have difficult days with different issues, but everyday I wake up I believe life is beautiful.

Keep battling on and chin up xx

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Molly15 in reply to Rogers

Thank you for that encouraging message, and all the very best wishes to you.

Love the positive attitude! Great to hear you have made a good recovery and long may that continue. Keep well Alice xx

Happy 'Annie'versary !

That is such a great message to read. My husband had a burst aneurysm and sah and stroke in October. He came home from hospital just over a week ago, and we are finding things so hard. He is also one of the lucky ones, but at the moment he feels hopeless. His left side has been affected. He can walk a few steps around the house with a stick, and me by his side, but has little use in his arm and hand. Things feel like they are not progressing at all, and we get very down. Everyone says "its early days" but we just feel like this is going to go on forever. Just getting up and dressed and breakfasted in the mornings takes until nearly lunch time. I wish someone could just tell us everything will be ok in say 6 months, but we know no one can say that. I just hope it gets better, we are exhausted!

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Happy Anniversary. The most precious day.

Happy anniversary, big hugs, Linda x

A year on and so positive! Here's to the next 50 years and may your health improve daily until you are even better than you were before. I love to read all the stories on this site, makes me feel so lucky that I was able to make an almost full recovery from a brain tumour in under 3 years. Take it easy and try to have as much fun as you possibly can!


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