Happy brainaversary

Happy brainaversary

well this time last year I was devastated to learn that I had suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage and was subsequently taken to john radcliffe I really thought I was a goner and as most of you know I have had a lot of ups and downs as im sure most of you had but now here I am alive have a successful business and things are going well I still have down days physically and mentally but im doing better than I thought thanks to you guys for your help and support :D

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  • Glad its going well!

  • Happy(?) brainiversary! Glad everything seems to be taking shape for you now! Looking forward to meeting you soon-ish :)

  • yeh time will fly by :) and I will be a little more experienced in wedding photographer by then :)

  • I'm certain you'll be fantastic!

  • thanks for having faith in me :)

  • Don't be daft, I've seen some of your pics! They're great

  • They are indeed

  • Happy to hear you are doing well. Good luck with your photography business! Prayers that things just keep getting better for you :)

  • Lots of love Michelle. :-/ xx

  • Happy Brainaversary!!

  • Happy Brainaversary, fellow photographer!

  • looks like you got treated straight away thank god 1 of us got good help at 1st dont no whats most scare brain sah or being left nealy 9 days in pain no help im here but permant disabiltys thank god you come good

  • just because i am trying to make something of my life doesnt mean all is alright in the brain world Im just not letting it beat me I have had many ups and downs in the year more downs id say so now im trying to improve that im still in pain still have bad headaches concentration problems mood swings etc

  • And you should be very proud of yourself for achieving so much in the face of such adversity. Pat yourself on the back, every day

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