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Happy and hopeful weekend, all


Hi everyone

Hope you are all well and some positive things have happened in your lives this week, along with the inevitable crappy ones. I have learnt, after 14 years with a BI, to cherish those little happy moments, take each day as a tick of triumph and try not to feel sorry for myself. Whatever stage you are all at, we will all go through rage, sadness and fear to various degrees but I am glad to have stumbled upon this site because no one here judges, as they do in the non BI world and nothing is daft or wrong or criticised. Welcome to all the newbies, pull up a chair and say whats on your mind. To the oldies, you`re doing a great job. Happy weekend, all x

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thankyou! we will have a good weekend,got a friend visiting tomrrow,have a good one yourself x

What a lovely post, Abi : )

I am on holiday from my evening job next week. Yay !...whoopee !...Yippee !...etc !

I am still working in the daytime on 3 days but this means I can totally trash my body doing things I have wanted to get done in the house and garden , as I don't have to worry about being fit for work at night !

What was that about 'pacing' ... isn't that something you do up and down a room when you are vexed ? ! !

Two fingers to you, Spasticity ! I'm gonna hurt but I'll be happy ! : )

Cheers Abi , from a rather raving, excited Angela : )) x

maybe its not usual but ive never experienced rage fear and sadness about the actual brain injury, but maybe ive got it easier than folks. but ive previously felt that like that re. benefits etc. however i will have a good weekend naturally, thankyou, and the same to you! i concur with the replies above. your message is similar to what i think; you've crystallized it in a more useful way.


Hi Eleanor

I found it like a grieving process and I think these are the stages you go through until you reach acceptance. I had cancer and bacterial meningitis at the same time and was very scared and angry,mainly at having lost about 20 years of memory. Then you eventually work out how to handle it (music helped me) and then you make peace with the new you and count your blessings. Took a long time and cost marriage, friends, jobs, independence but hey, stlll here. Beautiful in Sussex today, happy Saturday all

i am sorry to read this.

i'm not great at expressing thoughts if you bear with this, i'm new; having read one or two of people's backgrounds i thought wow, and didn't realise what people go through in terms of loss.

your circumstances must have been so hard and i hope i am not digging things up for you. i'm good at stating the obvious; separating from a spouse or partner isn't always, but can be a grieving process in itself and it seems as though there may have been more than one grieving process. people might get advice that a grieving process can take X number of years, but such processes are not always textbook. you must have heard it time and time again that the human mind is remarkable in what it can deal with and come through in regard to so many things. but i think at least this is true, and there is no at least about it.

just in regard to my silly self,your post struck a twofold chord, i try to savour happiness, atm i'm coming from a little bit of a difficult place though its been far worse. perhaps i ought to have seen thats where you may have been coming from, if i am being so presumptuous, a past difficult place, lead you to have the appreciation and insight that you have now.

but also i dont think that it will ever leave me the fact that my life was saved, and that it was saved so my boy who i have care of can have his ongoing mum in training. but everyone should make time to factor in the sentiments that you have expressed in your message. i am just so happy that i can see sky (i was temporarily blind) in north wales. sussex must be beautiful.


It certainly is, blue skies and washing about to go on to the line. Yes, we all have it tough in different ways but what I now feel is overwhelmingly lucky. Lucky that the diagnosis was made fast and my, then unborn, daughter was OK and I have managed to get them both through to their teenage years as happy and balanced girls, doing it mainly on my own. I am lucky I was near a good neuro hospital, had wonderful ward staff, music to keep me sane through the long healing and I am physically intact, independent and able, finally, to do a job I am enjoying. The marriage ended because I was different after my Bi. It happens. No ones fault. I know i will find someone one day but am in no rush and my ex and I are amicable, which is all I hoped for, for the sake of our daughters.

Thats a lot of blessings.

Strange isn't it that folk with charmed lives seem to have the most to complain about, whereas those with multiple problems are always seeking the cheerfulness.

Have a lovely weekend yourself abi, and thank you for your kind wishes. Cat xx

EleanorS in reply to cat3

re. the charmed lives brigade nout so strange as folk cat :) take care

sorry to have brought things up by mentioning; if i could just acknowledge though such tough calls you've had, to read single aspects would strike me as so. thankyou for your response, and thankyou for how you expressed your response.

good to read that you have had that experience of very good NHS care, as i have had, it was like giving a gift of something indescribable that will always stay with me. i'm not good at explaining this to people who havent had it, though i know where theyre coming from.

my cousin was ( i cant remember her job title) head nurse in charge of a childrens HDU, she wanted to study music therapy at one point. ( i have a speech disorder and music switches my speech disorder off instantly so i carry an ipod)

ah girls, (queen of stating the obvious as i am), what you put in with kids, you will always get it back in some way. my mum and i have really supported each other.

my boy is in his late (ish) teenage years . he will be considered a minor til he is 25.

(i'm just starting to think about maybe i would like male friendship, but if that one doesnt happen i'm certainly fine with that, i think i have forgotten how to communicate with blokes properly!)

just got my whites out on the line; a bit ott but theres nothing i like to see more, i could photograph it.

and if i could give you one image of north wales to take away it would be between llanddwyn beach and maybe penmon

yes, have a good weekend, i hope you do.

A lovely post . Captures the quest and journey of BI. You too have a lovely weekend.. I'm in sussex and weather is lovely . I have a fleuy cold, which has sent my BI symptoms into overdrive and fatigue. But I lay in my garden and look at my flowers and their lovely colours. I was feeling down yesterday as feeling so yuk, and quite emotional, I still feel the same today, but I am alive, the sky is blue, and we just never know when this will be taken away from us.

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