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History 9

History 9

Newport Arch is the remains of a 3rd-century Roman gate in the city. It is reputedly the oldest arch in the United Kingdom still used by traffic.

The arch was remodelled and enlarged when the city, then 'Lindum Colonia' a Roman town, became capital of the province in the 4th century. As the north gate of the city, it carried the major Roman road Ermine Street northward almost in a straight line to the Humber.

Of course, most of the above is pure speculation. In fact, Baron Curfew built the arch or 'Toll Booth' at the entrance to his grounds. The booth sat within a wall (now long gone) that kept out the 'riffus-raffus'.

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Could have finished the building work though! Looks like there are at least 2 escape routes to avoid any toll with one part still low enough to pole vault over, oops sorry the pole vaulting was Greek not Roman!

Oh and the bush needs pruning it's beginning to invade my new sleeping place in the tunnel ;-)


What a beautiful relic. I love old brickwork/stonework ; it's all about the simplicity of the materials for me, but also the craftsmanship of that individual who built it, now long gone whilst his creation still stands centuries later.

Surely his lordship didn't build the arch with his own noble hands. Surely it was the work of one of his minions. :O


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