Yesterday I went with my sister and niece to a Pottery class.

I had no real idea of what I wanted to make! (Not surprising, as these days I never seem to know what I want)

My sister made a Bonsai Pot for her little tree, and a Pottery Wheel bowl. My niece made a Horses Head - very good- , and a Pottery pot.

And I made a handmade bowl, by rolling out the base, then coil potting, to make the sides, and a Pottery Wheel bowl, which turned out much neater. (I have enclosed a photo)

Although I got quite tired, I found it quite therapeutic and very good for my coordination !

I may go again, I'll see!

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  • That is amazing, you should definitely go again, I would be so proud of that it is lovely, well done x Janet

  • if i saw this in a shop Nutkin i would be drawn to it. lovely and very well done

  • Hi Debs

    It was clearly a great experience and your bowl is very good especially if this was your 1st go at a pottery class. Maybe you have found yourself a new interest. Can it be glazed and then display it and use it with pride.

    Best wishes

    Caroline x

  • Thanks everyone. I have left the bowls to be glazed and then put in the kiln!

    I only get to collect it sometime next month!



  • thank-you, its lovely

  • That's lovely - think you should keep it up if you can :-)

  • Thanks!


  • that is lovely,mine would have been a saucer at best!

  • Nice work Debs ; that's brilliant, especially for a first attempt. Looks like you're a natural ! xx

  • Thank you! Xx

  • Wow that looks fantastic Nutkin, I bet you were tired too as the coordination for pottery must be full on. I get completely brain fatigued by the end of the week at work (I'm a carpenter) and I'm sure pottery uses the same brain power. Must give it a go.

  • Yes, do. It was fun, but the brain power is a bit hectic, even though I really tried to take things slowly!

    Thanks so much for the compliment!


  • Now that's impressive! I can't ever imagine managing to achieve that especially first time! I'd be so proud of myself if I created that! Def go back!

  • Wow that's a lovely piece! It's so good to see the fruits of your labours :)

  • Thanks so much! Xx

  • Beautiful I would like that in my home. I enjoyed pottery at school though I was not good at it like you.

  • Thanks a lot! Xx

  • Hi Debs

    Last time I used a potters wheel I made...... A MESS!! It when absolutely everywhere. They won't let play no more :-( ;-)

    I think all creativity is good therapy. Frustrating at time maybe but good.

    Your pot by the way looks amazing. I like green tones.

    Well done!!!!


  • Thanks so much! 😉

  • I don't know why, couldn't see the pic before but hey that is smashing. I used to go regularly yo a pottery painting cafe and paint plates, jugs, etc,,did a lovely cake stand too...then she shut up shop. Shame as like you, though bizarrely tiring I found it v therapeutic.

  • Thanks so much!


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