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Gloves are off....no more waiting for help

After my last post i decided enough was enough. My husband didn't get this far without fighting so i spend all day yesterday fighting for his help he needs. Eventually after many phone calls and tears .and some real facts. .. i got a call to say someone is coming to see him next Friday. Ive decided sitting back and waiting is not for me. ..because I'm not prepared to let us be out on a limb. Today i have recharged and going to round up his physio and i won't stop till he gets it soon! He fought to stay alive and I'll be dammed if I'm gonna sit back and let him become a number on a waiting list.

Nightmare wife? Maybe. ...so be it 💪

Thank you guys you keep me focused on bad days xx

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Go for it Debbie! It was the same with my husband who recovered from being on a life support machine and did i struggle at first but i got there in the end!

Get in touch with the headway nurse for your area (my best help!) who will help you fight your corner. Phone the PALS person (patient liaison ) at the hospital and complain.

Get your doctor to write a letter. I forced my OH to do everything-his speech was bad and he also had to relearn everything so i enrolled him at the local college for basic english and maths (they were a great support) the classes are small and the teachers were very supportive plus it made my OH do things on his own and he had to talk, buy

his own tea etc (he didnt understand money). Get in touch with a local gym and see if any of the staff will help him as they normally have some kind of basic training. Is there a local disability support centre nearby? Be a complete pain in the a*** it works. try everything as even if one thing out of 10 works its something in the right direction!

It is thought that the most progress is made in the first year so push that point with the powers that be!

It takes time my OH is three and a half years on-still has a few problems but has a normal life-which all that time ago when he came out of hospital i would not of beleived possible as he was a shadow of his former self, could barely speak, walk

couldnt read but had a will of iron to get better-he just needed help to get there!

Be a thorn in the side- you will get there (if only because they are fed up of you!! lol)

Best of luck ! xx


Well done, good for you. Though we should not have to fight for things that should be sorted as a priority we often need to. Keep going, it will be worth it. X

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I am glad you are on your husband's side. With the terrier that you are and the fighter that he is I see a lot of progress in the future.

Just don't expect it all at once.




GO for it! be a nightmare! cos you are powerfull and amazing!


Good for you! You go for it and tell them how it is and get what you and your husba d deserve - help and support.

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Well done for all your efforts!!


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Well done be a Rottweiler . That's what my husband callsme!!. Two years on I am still fighting & finally people are listening and things are getting done.

It has made such a difference to him, just getting some speech and language ,help with his walking.

I am finally seeing a glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel, but it can be very hard, very tiring.

Sometimes I just wanted to give up, but as you said, he fought to survive, so how can we give up.

My thoughts are with you, stay strong & keep battling. If you shout long & loud enough, someone will listen to you x


Good on ya! Very well done. NEVER stop fighting, it's the only way to go.


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You are an inspiration. Seeing you in action gives me hope. I love your attitude and tenacity.


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