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Waiting for a bed


Morning lovely people, just had a consultant on phone.we are at the stage now of waiting for a place in rehab centre.son is currently James cook(middlesbrough). One unit in Middlesbrough's will take him with tracheotomy tube.another in Newcastle can't.so its a matter of seeing how he gets on with tube and waiting to see which unit comes first.it would seem more choices in this part of country.he has,I know been cared for in one of the best hospitals in country.if they send him to Newcastle,a lot of his army buds live there,restrictions allowing he would get a lot of visits!can I also just say without all of your support in last few weeks I may have lost the plot!thankyou allxxx

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SO happy for you both D... xx

Thanks for this. I hope things go well. 🙂🌸

So glad to hear your good news - it's been a terrible time for you both. Keep letting us know how things go? X

Wonderful news!!

Thats really great news

Definitely all sounding more positive, such a relief for you x

Hello so pleased to hear your good news. Our son is currently in Walkergate Rehabilitation unit in Newcastle. We have nothing but praise for all the staff who work there. They are truly dedicated to their jobs and have been so understanding and supportive. Here’s hoping your son gets a rehabilitation placement very soon and life can start going forward for you both. Take care Nanapal.

Dogsabighelp in reply to Nanapal

Hi,that's one of units I mentioned.

Nanapal in reply to Dogsabighelp

It is an excellent place. We did have to wait some weeks for a placement - here’s hoping your son does get there or another placement very soon. x

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