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If anyone is interested I started a Facebook page whilst I was in hospital, I was injured by a pony who barged past me and I fell backwards hitting my head and severely injuring my poor ol' brain. I wanted to share my story in an effort to educate people why it is a good idea to wear a helmet not only when riding equines but also when they are on the ground, handling them.

Here is the link for anyone who is on FB and if you are interested : facebook.com/pages/Hard-Hat...

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Hi Jenna

My TBI was also through horses.

I was in an eventing clinic on a five year old warmblood, and he fell over a tiny jump. (I was used to eventing at a high level, and showjumping at 1.40-1.50m high)

Apparently I was thrown as the horse fell, and I connected the ground with my right orbit bone, which gave me six hematomas over my brain! I had a riding helmet on, so I was just unlucky.

That was two and a half years ago, and although I have been on a horse since, I seem to have lost my passion for horses! I still instruct my sister and niece, but that is my only involvement with horses.

I will try and link into your Facebook page.




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Just goes to show how dangerous horses are. I worked with feral ponies at the time of the accident (it was a kids pony who knocked me over, not one at work). I knew the risks but never felt threatened or vulnerable. If I had been wearing my helmet at the time of the accident my skull wouldn't have fractured and the damage to the front of my brain wouldn't have been so bad. I, like many other horsey folk, didn't think I needed a helmet whilst pottering round my own yard. Boy, was I wrong.

I haven't lost my passion for horses, I still love them but I have lost my confidence. I have ridden a friends old, steady cob but I can't get out there often because I don't drive.

Thanks for showing an interest in my page :)


It's a pleasure! Xx


Dear Jennaberi

So sorry to hear of your BI - what a terrible shock for you.

I have liked your FB page and shared it as I know many people who own and work with horses and I think your experience and wise words should be shared amongst the equine community.

Wishing you happier days dear Jennaberri and continued improvement.

Kindest regards and love

Alison xxx


I've e just followed and liked your page xx


Wow, thank you for liking my page. X


Hi I suffered a bleed on my brain in march after falling from a horse. I was wearing a helmet thankfully, yet still spent a fortnight in hospital. I am still suffering after effects, eg. Fatigue, forgetfulness and co ordination problems. Yes, I believe everyone should wear helmets not only when riding, but anywhere around them. X


page liked and followed! could i share?


Hi my son works as a radiographer and has told me how many people could have had less serious injuries if only they had been wearing a helmet-be it a bike, horse or whatever! In Austrailia it is law to wear a helmet when cycling-just think of how many lives would be saved over here if it were made compulsary! Unfortunatley it wouldnt have helped his dad much as he aquired his ABI by being hit by a speeding car and pedestrians dont wear helmets!!


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