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This question is directed to people who received bad treatment from one doctor, left them and got better treatment from a different one. Have any of you gone back to the old doctor and informed them of the help you're getting now? When I finally get a treatment that works, I'm going to write follow-up letters to everyone who dismissed my case. I'll inform them of my final diagnosis, give details of the treatment, and provide numerical evidence of my improvement. Perhaps with photocopies of letters from other doctors backing me up.

We leave bad doctors and they continue to mistreat other patients in their ignorance. One letter probably won't help - but imagine if they got a flood of them. Our opinions don't matter to them, but the opinions of specialists (and medical evidence) do.

Has anyone actually done this? I'm interested to know what the response was :)

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  • I made a formal complaint about a neuropsychiatrist. Some issues I raised were validated in the response. Haven't been able to get a referral accepted to see a different neuropsychiatrist since.

  • Hi Nightbird

    I've made numerous complaints about poor/bad treatment I've experienced from different health/medical professionals in the past.

    I've either had an apology from them or they've refused to treat me.

    I ended up changing GP surgeries twice once because of poor/bad treatment & the GP(s) refusing to treat me because I'd complained & the other time (first) took me of their list all because I'd poor personal hygiene due to a medical problem that had been identified by previous GP practice I was at whilst I was still living at my mums. I even told them this when other patients at the surgery started to complain about my poor personal hygiene to surgery staff & asked for my medication to control the problem but of course they didn't do this by accusing me to my face of lying, when I wasn't! It's on my medical records!

    I never got an apology for this.


  • Yes, however too many of the "attitude" doctors have the "I am God complex" thinking they are the ultimate authority, don't confuse them with the facts, their minds are made up, and are unable or unwilling to see anything other than how they see things are. Maybe I have a bad attitude about these type of doctors, but I think it is a damn good one. Haha. You may have heard of this saying a doctor convinced against their will is of the same opinion still. Any way its probably more beneficial to post the things that worked here with other experts and on other helpful sites for those of us with brain injuries and their carers. Another thing I've learned about what to do about doctors that don't work very well with you is to basically get away from them without criticizing them. Unfortunately, some of them are very weak and insecure and don't take kindly to being criticized and tend to take revenge on you by making sure they make it more difficult for you to get the care you need. If in fact they are harming patients a lawyer should be engaged to take legal actions to get them stopped.

  • Yes this is a tricky one! I had to change GP practices because I was not getting anywhere and then a GP was rude to me. The new practice and GP are in fact much better. I think I might write with the full diagnosis when we get there but on a FYI basis...

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