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I had a total meltdown this evening because my inconsiderate neighbours were playing extremely loud bass music right next to my bed. This happened on Saturday until 12.30am. But now on a Monday at 7.30pm it's all too much. I can't remember what I did but both the top of my feet hurt and have redness. One of my walls has a mark where I threw something against it in anger. I called my brother as I began hyperventilating. He came round immediately.

Since my injury last July I really struggle with noise in general. I hear things most do not even notice, such as doors banging or planes flying over head. But this music is an extreme I can't cope with. It's so bad I sleep on the floor now in my living g room and haven't slept in my bed since my last seizure in June. Is this a brain injury or am I losing the plot? I am hunting for a new flat continually... This can't go on. Does anyone else have problems with noise since their TBI?

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  • If it is excessive, you can complain to your local council. They have measures for dealing with nuisance noise. Has your brother tried to explain to the neighbours that you have a problem with noise... maybe they don't know how it is affecting you.

  • Ro, I'm so sorry you have to put up with that antisocial nonsense! No you're not losing the plot!!!! There can be nothing worse when you have a brain injury and suffer hypercussis than the inconsiderate noise of neighbours. It would absolutely do my head, and I'd be seething too!! I'm hyperventilating just reading your story - I'm not kidding! Are your neighbours uncaring and thoughtless, or could you or your brother brave it enough to have it out with them? Or perhaps, thin walls and there not even them the benefit of the doubt! I know the knock on effect of this type of stress is really bad, but try to keep calm, meditate and think kind thoughts. Perhaps move your bed from that wall as well. I think you'll have to put up with ear plugs (waxie ones) until a solution is found otherwise.

  • I live in an attic flat and my brother thinks the walls haven't been done properly. But it is still not normal to play music that loud. I need to move I think. My reaction probably was over the top too. I am scared if my brother talks to them they just become worse. So I'm waiting until I can move. My mum is helping with this asy coping with change and organising things now is a nightmare. I have good intentions then never get anywhere dealing with it. I am not at my best right now, so needed to talk here. I guess we all get this at times.

  • Hang in there! If you can afford it I would invest in some good quality headphones so that you can play some soothing music to calm your nerves and comfort/heal your poor brain. x

  • Anything that is repetitive . I'm lucky , if that's what you can call it . I'm deaf in my right ear from my TBI and hard of hearing from old age . I live in an area predominantly for the over 50's so it's quiet around here . Any bad neighbours would only have to be reported and would soon be gone . Hope you get it sorted ASAP .

  • My mum has found an end of terrace house not far from my work which she is going to get a viewing for me. It's a start I guess.... Anything to get out of town and an extremely busy road where I am now. If I had the money I'd love to have a detached in the country with surrounding fields. Wouldn't we all.... Yes it is brain draining this trying h to cope. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day!

    I wear ear plugs every night and for the past month have had a blocked right ear. That's being investigated as the doctor doesn't think it's just wax like I thought it was. That's where my fall was.... My ear does clear but soon blocks up again. Daveeb being deaf there must be much harder to cope with.

  • ro 76 get yourself a pair of soft rubber industrial ear plugs theyre really cheap and you can get them from any diy store, make sure its rubber not spongue.

    i too have a problem with noise, i have violent tendencies and a placid wife,who will cuddle 20st of me and then go and ask them to turn it down.

    we moved 2 yrs ago have nice neighbours so that isnt a problem now.

    so if it continues get yourself a axe knock on the door and say.........ive come to say hello to your stereo!!! then you chop it all to bits

  • I like your style Stevie!!!!!

  • Ha ha that is great Steve sounds very like something I am close to doing at times....

  • Ro, if you live anywhere near the Hampshire/Wiltshire border you are most welcome to come and use the spare room. I live in a sleepy village surrounded by fields that have only horses in them.

  • Wow swedishblue it sounds bliss to me where you live.... I am in Kent so not near you sadly. Thank you though kind thought x

  • Anytime...I can send you a recording of country sounds, the birds singing and horses galloping, o'h and my cat purring. You can play that and always imagine ;-)

  • Put the worst cd you own on repaeat and go out!

  • Very tempting razyheath but I wouldn't want to upset the other neighbours by doing that. In fact after my meltdown I went to the downstairs neighbour to apologise and explain why I was yelling and throwing things. He said he doesn't notice their music, but that's because he has proper walls. I have thin stupid ones in the roof....

  • Lol hugs hope you get to move soon x

  • No I find background noise really hard to deal with, if it's the foreground then it's fine, or at least I can cope with it.

    My wife is slightly deaf, and watches QI and such with the canned laughter which I find hard to deal with.

    Is your flat rented? Any chance the neighbors are council? If so the local housing officer can normally resolve this.

  • Roger yes I do rent and I don't think the neighbours are council. I do think they smoke drugs as I smell it sometimes. Unfortunately living in a town where I do, in this particular area it's often a problem. My only answer now is to get out. Have been here 4 years.

  • It's probably the only sain choice, friends have stayed in similar and seethed, not good for them at all.

  • Hi, short answer as it's late for me....have you spoken to your local council? kept a noise diary? my local district council wrote to my adjoining neighbours some year or so before my bi as they were very noisy , waking me most evenings and mornings... .threatened with asbo and investigative noise recordings if it continued. .....and we are both private home owners in an (otherwise)quiet rural village . local councils can serve noise abatement orders on residents of private property too.

    Things have mostly improved....their youngest grown up a bit and I now have a lodger who is sometimes louder than just me living alone.....makes loud phone calls to his Italian mum ( at reasonable times mind you).

    Good luck.

  • Noise of any kind drives me to the edge and beyond...I always had good hearing but since my TBI I have hyper sensitive hearing. I had to stop drinking fizzy drinks because the bubbles are just too loud (and no, I am not kidding) and the sound drove me nuts even from a couple of feet away. I can hear electrical current, the central heating boiler drives me totally nuts and I could easily kill anyone who dares wave a vacuum cleaner around...but the thing that turns me into a potential axe wielding monster is anything base on music, a ball being kicked or thrown repeatedly, sounds of running (especially up and down stairs) any kind of tapping or banging...I have been known to slap the knees of strangers who do that awful leg jiggling thing when sitting in a waiting room or on a bus...

    Earplugs are essential and I never go anywhere without them... You have my utmost sympathy...I would have likely taken that aforementioned axe to their sound system by the end of the first day

  • Our neighbours dog barks every evening for about 3 hrs it drives my husband nuts. We have taken to turning up TV/music to override the dog. It is just so inconsiderate of your neighbour even if you didn't have a brain injury it's just plain annoying. Hope you get to move soon xx

  • I have noise limiter earplugs that I can use if it gets too loud. They cut out most of the background high level noise but if someone speaks direct to you, you can still hear. They are not the same as earplugs that aim to completely block all sound.

  • They sound better than the foam ones I use strawberrycream. I might get some too thanks.

  • The ones I have are kids ones because I have little ear canals are the adults were too big. I buy - pluggerz for kids - travel. They do ones for swimming etc but the travel ones do a great job at limiting the background racket but still let you hear what someone who speaks to you is saying. We are going to Butlins for Xmas again as works well for me as nowt to manage or do as all entertainment and meals done for us! I used them last year watching their shows because they were so so loud and they were brill! Amazingly I could still hear it all but it filtered out all other high level noise and softened the volume loads. Think I got mine from Amazon but think Boots also do them and they about £15 I think.

  • Noise, I hates it I do... So sorry Ros that you are going through this, I've moved twice now due to neighbours... grrrrrr . but in an ok place now... just that husband always watches those blinking loud movies with all the action noises. I am thinking of growing my neck long and sticcking it in the ground like ostriches do. I always think they are trying to avoid the neighbours...

    love to you


  • They were making noise at a inconsiderate hour. You should of rung the police and said they must withhold who complained. Did you know it's even illegal to hoover after 7pm. !!!!! So loud banging noice late is annoying for the police. Do not put up with it , if its council they will move them but if there calls to the police they will be logged as a nuisance. That would drive us bi people mad. Even normal people. I would call the police cause I be going round with a bat. Xx

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