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hello friends

hi there everyone sorry ive not beettn on here for a short while ! having a few problems at home and work but im taking it one step at a time ! my mums back in hospital yet again hate to see her in hospital but at least shes getting treated and be out soon i hope ! i turned 50 in april and the doctors are sending me for a dexa scan for bone density ! anyone had one done and can let me know what happens take care everyone david

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Hi again David. It's good to see you here again.

Yes, I had a bone scan a couple of months ago as I have regular steroid injections for arthritis, which apparently can cause thinning of bones. Fortunately, mine seem fine (which I could have told them, as I've had so many cracking falls without breaking anything).

The scan is quite straightforward and nothing like the MRI scan where you're enclosed. It's done whilst you lie on a bed with the radiographer chatting to you then popping behind a Perspex screen to take the pictures.

The only uncomfortable bit for me was having to lie in awkward positions to capture images of certain joints, but it was all done and dusted in about 20mins and I actually had a good laugh with the radiographer lady !

I hope your mum will be fine and back home very soon, and I'd be interested to hear how you've been getting on since we last heard from you.

Love & best wishes, Cat xx

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hi cat thanks for your help and advice i hope you are keeping well ! my mum is still in hospital i was up seeing her tonight the priest was up to see her shes getting very down due being in a small side room ! i will keep you posted take care my friend dj x


Hi david.

I was sure was due to go for one of these scans as like Cat I have to have regular injections.

I asked my wife just to make sure and she gave me the same description as Cat has done. It seems I have already had one. All I can say is they cant be thst bad because for the life of me I can not remember it.

Then again I cant remember wjat zi did last week so thats not much help.

Good luck with the scan . Pax

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Hi there

Happy birthday for your 50th! (I had mine last year)

Hope you really enjoyed your day!



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