One small step for mankind...One giant leap for a hubby!

After yesterday's efforts and needing to slightly up the meds we had planned a visit today. (Only about 10 miles away.)

For the first time hubby actually asked if I felt OK to drive.

I almost went into shock.

I was OK to drive there but he had to drive back.

Nearly 3 years now and I am more than happy to report this little miracle of progress .

I feel so much lighter now that hubby is beginning to pick up on the signs of my fatigue.

Talking of fatigue I don't know if this will help anyone but the neuropsychologist seemed to like it when I described it as....

It feels like my brain has run a marathon when I have just walked to the front gate.

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You should try the double flour trick more often Random. Cake usually 'hits the spot' for most people but it seems you achieved a result with the lack of it !!

Hope it's the start of loads more empathy for you m'dear ; it can be such a massive boost for one's mood. ;-) x


Thanks a lot Cat.

It feels great and a lot more like a partnership than it has done.

Yep I think the cake episode might have had something to do with it because he could see that I am still trying new things.


A great analogy to describe fatigue! :).

It must feel lighter after hubby recognising when you are fatigue without you perhaps having to say. Sometimes my partner can see physically I am fatigued, other times I have to say I feel fatigued, and wave 'the White flag' and say I had enough and need to go home,/not up to going out. Must feel less pressure :).


Thanks Sem

It's amazing how much better/different it feels just knowing that I won't always have to tell him when I am not safe to do something.



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