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Yesterday was my day for cooking but the freeezer is full and I thought I'd bake instead. Nothing complicated you understand just a sponge.

Wondered why the head was getting sore so I took a break. I realised that it is the vision problem .watching what I was doing while creaming the butte and sugar and the eye not doing what I want it to do.

Hubby suggested eye patch and it helped a little but I still managed to misread the recipe even wearing my glasses and put double flour in.

Like I said oops.

Next time freezer is full will try again.

Love n hugs


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I've done same sort of thing making all sorts of stuff but luckily noticed before baking so I just add the extra eggs, milk etc. to match then bake two cakes.... Ahhh! maybe that explains the waistline lol.

All good fun and part of brain running either ahead or behind where it should be.

Take care and 'heavy' cake can be quite nice served as thick biscuits ;-)



The hubby ate some of it and is still here so it can't be too bad.

It may have been my bi but I could have sworn I saw him dunking it.

At least there won't be too much damage to his waistline cos after adding egg and super strong coffee I cooked another and it looked OK. Unfortunately coordination left me as i was trying to turn it out onto a cooling rack and the lot went to the floor.

Don't know what annoyed me more the lack of coordination or the waste of time and money.

Hey ho its a better day today.

Thanks Geoff



oh dear! try delias all in one sponge?


Mine usually survive the drop test by bouncing quite well after breaking a floor tile ;-)

Be warned my cakes carry a dental health warning! I can take 'dried fruit' to a whole new level of de-hydration!




What better excuse for any form of liquid hydration? Lol


Is it just me who is now drooling just a tad?


Well you know the three-second rule, it's at least a minute in our house if it is cake on the floor. Mind you, my children are such cake-aholics that they would catch it on the way down.

And yes, double flour...you were simply making a very large biscuit!

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Thanks everyone for giving me a lift.

Don't know if this will help anyone else but I discovered something as well as making a mess. I can work a lot better with recipes where the ingredients are listed on the left side and the directions on the right. My brain doesn't get so tired so quickly.

Lovenhugs to all



Sorry to be blunt but sod waiting for the freezer to be full again!!!

Yesterday was cooking day and.....with the bee still in the bonnet I don't wear I decided to try again.

Gotnthe planning and preparation right. Used the whirly thingumy (mixer).

Added coffee and walnuts and baked.

Yippee hooray and air fist pumps it worked. Half got scoffed last night and the rest went today at Braille class. (Class being used in the loosest possible sense).

I CAN do it !!!!!

Thanks all.




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