Understanding, July 14, 2015 6:30AM

Having a lack of understanding can cause stress not only for the person who is primarily affected by a problem but also for those who are around that person frequently.

In many cases, even doctors may not understand.

The only way to truly understand an experience is to live through someone, but that is an impossible task.

True kindness can only be shown through giving as much support as possible.

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  • No more accurate comment left!

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  • Absolutely. Walk another mile, give your coat when asked for your shirt....it is all we can really do.

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  • Hi Kady,

    I found it so hard to explaim to people what I was expeirencing that I have put together a website to help my family, and hopefully others, understand the phychological fall out from a brain injury, if you are interested you can find it here braininjuryftp.com

  • Thank you.

    I hope you're making the best of your days. :-)

  • Thank you.

  • yeah while i was impreesed with the nuro team my hubby had,i really think that doctors should take the time to realise that while they give news to paitents everyday,we donot get news like that everyday! they need to know that hearing that you need brain suregry etc,stops youre world spinning! and that you need time to asborb the information you have been given,before they smile at you and move on

  • So true. Thats why it is known as an invisible disability. Unless you can walk a mile in a person`s shoes you can never ever imagine what it is like for them and the specialists/ neurologists don`t have time for compassion and long chats. This is why this forum is so necessary. Family and friends (if they have bothered to stick around, which they don`t always) can sympathise up to a point but they can`t empathise and can`t understand, not really. We may all have different experiences of BI but at least we all `know` we all `get it` and we are all willing to listen to each other. We have all had our worlds shaken, rocked, destroyed, to varying degrees and time is what we need in abundance. In this modern instant throwaway world thats becoming a rare commodity. Glad you are all here on the BI liferaft, plenty of space for more to hop on x

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