Robbie's Law

Why has my post on the breakthrough "Robbie's Law, Duty of Candour" not been accepted? it is extremely important that people know about this. it is extremely important in my own brain injury medical negligence case, the details of which i have completely omitted, it being absolutely inappropriate to be relaying on social media.

The post about Robbie's Law was entirely factual in order to raise awareness so that other people can be helped.

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  • maybe you could start a blog and put up a link to it?

  • good idea razyheath43, but i'm not sure it would get through as my previous attempt at posting was completely innocuous and purely factual for the purposes of raising awareness. anyhow, please google robbies law. thank-you, appreciate it.

  • Thanks for posting and drawing my attention to Robbie's Law, I have now looked this up .

  • much appreciated. the post had no slant/no "opinion" on robbies law, but was purely for the purpose of raising awareness and purely factual. The european court of human rights ruled in 2000 that medics have no duty to tell the truth in the circumstances of a persons death where medical negligence has occured and neither should medics have to refrain from falsifying records quote unquote, that all changed in november of 2014 and i hope that this breakthrough new law bodes well, thanks for reading, appreciate it

  • pleasure x

  • Thanks Eleanor. Have just read the article and we all should applaud that father's dedication after a 22 year campaign for medical transparency.

    It's almost always the case that it's those who've suffered who are the ones to force through such legislation, maybe initially as a channel for their grief and anger. It's heart-rending to see how these people will sacrifice anything to see justice done for their loved ones.

    True 'People-power'. xx

  • We should all applaud that father's dedication after a 22 year campaign for medical transparency

    Very well said.

    Thank-you, for looking up Robbie's Law.

    Will Powell is Welsh as I am, if it were at all quantifiable, which of course it is not, i think that Will Powell would be worthy of greater stature than Aneurin Bevan, for how he has single handedly contributed to the advancement of better healthcare.

    (I can see the impact of Robbies Law because it is going to help me greatly, i can see how it will help thousands).

    I've read quite a number of cases of medical negligence; not to take away from these cases in any way whatsoever, but the Powell family's ordeal was utterly shocking.

    I would advise caution if you read of it, but it is available to read at go to timeline of events tab at top of page.

    It is right that the new Duty of Candour Law should be named Robbie's Law

    Will Powell fought and fought. Then there was a perfect storm a few years ago as i understand it, the Mid Staffs scandal, pressure from a charity called AvMA ; if i could just write in a non-political way that also Jeremy Hunt Health Secretary was actually open to the idea of new legislation where previous health ministers had not been, and other key figures were involved in the perfect storm whom i can;t recall at the moment.

    Thanks again for taking the time x

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