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Most Hated Word

Anyone have any words which they no longer like since their ABI? The word `should` really winds me up. I was always being told how I SHOULD be behaving and that I SHOULD be feeling better by now and all nicely back to normal. Folk just didn`t get it but yes, that word makes me grind my teeth in frustration. I say, `well, I SHOULD probably not have survived my BI more or less intact so hey, lets take it from there, shall we?` Hope everyone is OK and having a quiet and calm Sunday.

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My phrase is "you just need to" as if it's a decision I chose to forget something. I am grating my teeth just writing this 😁


Oh and if someone (especially my family) dare start a sentence with, `oh, you MUST remember!` about some event from 1995 or something ridiculous. I just glare at them. Makes it worse that they have photographic memories and can remember vividly things like what I was wearing on July 7th, the registration plate of our first car and what we had for supper on the last day of our holiday in 2000. Not sure if I`m envious but I think I am heartily glad not to have my brain loaded with this unimportant stuff. I know I have done certain things but its like knowing historical facts. I can`t `feel` myself doing them. Its more like hearing about someone I vaguely know doing them. Sad, maybe, all those great sweaty gigs I have been to, the taste of food in Africa and Asia, the plots of books and all my Uni days, wiped out. Hey ho. Time to make new memories, methinks


I had this at the beginning ,just tell all those concerned that you know your body more than anyone else you know how you feel, if you are like me I do not know from one minute to the next how I am going to feel, lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxx


My pet hate is, oh I get forgetful too, it our age!

What really annoys me is when I have no idea what they talking about and they say but you must remember, even I just asked them if I was there! And then you remember something clear as day and they say, I thought you couldn't remember things.

I I could control what sticks and what doesn't id be well fixed by now, unfortunately I might remember a simple conversation from one morning and nothing further for the rest of that day!

It annoys the crap out of me.


Yes, I have actually been prescribed a mouthguard because I grind my teeth. Think its the frustration of living with a BI and the flitting, fleeting, flighty, flirty memory I know have. It can take so many forms and affect every aspect but people just don`t appreciate it, do they? Ah well. Enjoy the sun, those of you in the sunny bits today x


I do and thought it was just me but i really hate the word Awesome and Lunch.

We dont live in America and its Breakfast, Dinner and Tea


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