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I posted a while ago about my brother, who had an accident last Summer. He is doing well, relearning how to walk and practicing his speech etc. His right side was left very weak after the accident and his physios have been doing fantastic work to help him regain the control and dexterity of his right arm and hand. However, a few weeks ago his right arm started convulsing relentlessly. He has developed what the doctors call, a tremor. They thought it might be because he came off of his epilepsy medication but they have since put him back on the medication and there is no improvement. It really bothers him... understandably! He is also experiencing tendonitis due to the constant involuntary movement.

I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar or knows someone who has. I would be grateful if anyone could offer me some advice?

Thanks guys.


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I had a tremor in my hands the whole time I was in hospital and on the neuro rehab ward, it was relentless and used to really bug me. It was worse after physio, but it did eventually go and I now have no issues with the tremor. I'm at 21 months since my TBI.

I hope you brother continues to recover well xx

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Thank you, this is helpful. May I ask, how long the tremor lasted? Harry's physio has been intensive and he thinks it has aggravated it. Is it likely that it will go away.

I really hope you're journey to recovery is going well.

Thanks again x


If I remember rightly it lasted about three months. I put it down to anxiety, I was majorly anxious while I was in hospital and the neuro rehab ward and they worked me really hard. Once I was home I slowly became less anxious and the tremors gradually stopped.


Hi Steph,

Link to different types of tremor :


Reading this I realise that I have action/postural tremor. Hey ho !

I have spasticity so certain positions/use of muscles causes a 'judder'.

I get a lot of grief from tendon pain so empathise with your brother.I find a cold,damp cloth on affected area can be helpful ( I get a lot of burning pain on inner ankles ) Applying heat seems to magnify the pain, I found for me..I am fortunate that my tremor is movement related and not present at rest.I do have an annoying leg flexor spasm that can keep going off in relaxation though until you find the right position to calm it !

Hope this helps,

Kind regards, Angela x


Hi i am having trumers after my stroke its so tiring and drives me mad im on the same tablets since my stroke and am waiting to bd called for a review on my tablets oh yes its 4years since my stroke ive done research on it and its on youtub all about botox injection for trumers i still think im on my own with it all !


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