A wee moan

Hi to all πŸ™‹

I must and need to rest today as i been on the go for 2 days and i really don't no my limits...sitting here surounded by boxes there are boxes everywhere.. been filling in forms, shopping for flooring and what i need for new home... to much thinking and brain overload, i was always on the go before anurysm this move would have been nothing to me... learning as i go along i can only do so much at a time

so will rest and disipline myself this weekend... my problem is i always helped others and find it hard to reach out for help... i have a good neighbour she gave me a ticking of about trying to do to much.

My body and mind telling me to rest... so of back to bed for a few hours.


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  • I know your feeling too well! I was used to organizing plenty, before my TBI. Now that I've been helping out at Headway, I've been overdoing things, and my brain and body have gone into a shutdown.

    I'll take things easy for a bit, and I sure hope to feel better soon!

  • Hi bette πŸ™‹

    Likewise person too! I also went from being a very busy and active bee to someone who is easily overwhelmed and cognitively fatigue and whose limited ability declines to doing zilch! Also can identify with always being the one who did for others and not adjusting well to as you say 'reach out for help'. It is hard at times to pace oneself because life seems to produce lots of things we need to do - all at once!

    Are you in he throws of preparing to move or are you in your new place already and dealing with all involved in getting it as you would like it, what you need, and of course unpacking? Best wishes for you in your New Home. Hope it is a positive move. Perhaps we could have a virtual housewarming party on here! πŸŽ‰ I raise my glass of fruit juice to wish you all the best! 🍹

  • Awk thanks strawberry cream i am in the throws of packing this home as i am downsizing a lot of stuff has to go... the positive is this move will help me tremendously as this home has very big gardens, stairs and it to big for me to cope with.. my new home has no garden although it is surrounded with greenery i not have to worry about it! no stairs! and just a nice size for me. i realise my health is more important and doing this move to improve it, its great to not feel so alone and unfortunately others like yourself understand, until you walk this journey no one can understand the struggles. Frustrations, we all have together we will soldier on πŸ‘Š

  • It is so hard when we have to give up the home we have had, to downsize into something smaller. My house is too big now but I love my neighbourhood and its location. I can't manage things in the house or my garden but have employed a cleaner and a gardener rather than move. Sounds like you are looking forward to your move as have found a place that suits you very well and will not be detrimental to your health. Do you have a moving date? Are you finding it sad to let things go that won't fit into your new place?

    Like you I have found a great sense of belonging, support and understanding with this forum. πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ’

  • YES i am supposed to be out of here by the 1st june but i think it will be after that as its a slow prosess but getting there... it is hard to let go of things its just not the upset of the move its all differant elements... giving up a lot of memories, moving from some good neighbours, then again a lot has happened in this home... it will be a complete new start i am excited about this as i am a people person and where i am going is very busy, lots of shops, coffee shops and people... as from the anurysm i find it very isolating where i am.... so new start new me.... everthing on my doorstep πŸ™Œ

  • I know how you feel. Went to gym for first times yesterday... Went shopping. And did a lot of other things. Today. My head is hurting. Only pressure pain. So like you a week end of rest.

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