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On the mend

Good news at Addenbrookes yesterday. X rays were good so can begin to wean off the back brace and cervical collar. Hubby must still wear them when out and about for a while then freedom after 2 weeks. Only thing is, doctor didn't mention night time. Has any one else weaned off cervical collar, did you wear it at night even when free during the day, and for how long.

Doctor also said he would be able to drive again before SSP runs out in August, so work should be ok. Next review in 1 month.

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That's good news that things are progressing well for your hubby. I would suggest that you ring the consultants secretary and get them to ask about the brace and nighttime. What another person was advised may not be how it should be for your hubby. The secretaries are usual happy to pass on messages and then feed back the consultants advice. Although because of the Doc being in clinics etc it may not be an instant answer.


Great news!



I reall love to see good news and it's brilliant that your husband is progressing so well.

As for the collar I totally agree with Strawberry, phone his consults secretary and ask the question. They'll probably get back to you really quickly.


great news! sometimes ringing the ward helps too


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